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10-01-2005, 04:14 AM
OK, so I FINALLY start my franchise (waited for the damn roster update forever). Well, I ALWAYS sim my 1st year then start playing from the offseason on. Well, in that simmed year we (the Dolphins) managed only TWO wins. Jason Taylor went down for 5 weeks, Sam Madison and Lance Shulters both were out for 8, and Gus was out for 3, it was a rough season. That crappy record, if you hadn't guessed already, gave us the 1st overall pick. So come draft day, with the first overall pick, the Miami Dolphins select QB Matt Leinert, USC (I downloaded the completely named NCAA rosters from psxsports.com). I was contemplating him or struggling for another year at QB (or trading for a QB) and taking an O lineman. I ended up going with Matt cuz in the offseason Gus retired and Sage's contract ran out and I didn't really see the need to resign him since he isn't starter-worthy. Anyway, so I take Matt and I am watching all the O linemen that are there and I see Max Jean-Gilles (LG, University of Georgia) slipping further and further and I can't believe it, he was a freakin' 99 in NCAA when he came out! I'm starting to wonder if I should try and make some blockbuster trade to snatch him up before someone like the pats do and screw me even more when I play them (for some reason in all the exhibition games I played waiting to start my franchise Brady was the ONLY QB I never got ONE sack on). Well, I didn't really have much to offer without dumping off a star like Taylor or Thomas, which I didn't wanna do, so I gave up. Turns out, NOBODY took him! So come the first pick of round 2 you better believe I grabbed him! I also found a gem in round 5 in a FS, plus in round 7 I took a WR strictly to use as a KR specialist cuz his speed is 97 and he is "amazing" at returns. Turns out Matt transfered over to an 89 in the NFL, Jean-Gilles is an 83 (STILL can't believe he slipped, he was projected top 10), that FS I grabbed in round 5 is a 78, and the WR I got in ROUND SEVEN is a freakin 80! He was a 76 before camp and preseason, but he is an EIGHTY now, from ROUND SEVEN! He is NASTY at returns too, he has 2 kick return TDs and one punt return TD so far (week 9, all-madden). Anyway, so get this: This year was suppsed to be "THE YEAR", I have ronnie at HB and ricky at FB, so both are on the field together, I FINALLY got a worthy QB (although the lefty thing is kinda hard to get used to) and I made upgrades to my line, I have jean-gilles now plus I signed Chris Terry at C who is a 90. Just for laughs I should point ou that I signed Damon Huard back as our 3rd QB, behind Matt and AJ, lol. I also signed Anthony Thomas as our 3rd HB since I didn't resign Sammy Morris. Anyway, here's where sh*t goes bad. Week one, Ronnie OUT FOR SEASON with a Broken Vertebrae. THE VERY NEXT PLAY Anthony Thomas, OUT FOR SEASON, broken wrist. I didn't even have time to switch the depth chart so Ricky went back to HB from FB! So In goes Ricky. Week 2, Chris Terry, my 90 rated newly signed center, out for 10 weeks with a fractured leg. Oh, but it gets worse, cuz the NEXT week, week 3, RICKY goes down, out for 13, yes THIRTEEN weeks with a broken jaw! So I have to go sign a RB before I start to play the pats in week 9. I sign Verron Hayes, a 76 rated HB, to a 1 year deal. So I start to play the pats and man, this guy SUCKS! He is constantly losing yds, can't break tackles, drops passes, ugh, its ridiculous. Then comes THE coolest play I have EVER seen in madden. I'm on the 32 of the pats and I call for Hayes to take it off-tackle. He gets the ball and a hole opens up right away and he shoots through it and here comes a defender (forgot which Patriot it was and I already kicked the PAT so I can't check the replay) and so I truck stick just for the hell of it, thinking if I'm going to get run over AS USUAL with Hayes I might as well make it look cool. But oh no, not only does he not get run over, he OBLITERATES the defender, and LOSES HIS HELMET in the hit and runs the 32yds for a TD, WITH NO HELMET! Now, I have seen guys on offense get killed and lose their helmet, but I have NEVER seen a ballcarrier plow into a defender and lose his helmet, let alone stay on his feet for a long TD run! Sorry, maybe I'm a bit too excited but its wicked late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I'm overtired and playing madden and it was just wicked cool, a bright spot in my again dismal season. NEVER have I seen so many key injuries as I have these past 2 seasons of my franchise. Oh well, I guess NEXT years the year............

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Wow, that is a REALLY long read, haha, sorry, I'm just rambling cuz I'm wicked tired and bored.

10-01-2005, 04:55 AM
You've GOT to be kidding me, Verron Haynes, out for 10 weeks, torn groin. That is FOUR HBs that are pretty much injured for the season for me, WTF? Matt Leinert went down with 1:02 left in the pats game too, but it was just a hip ointer, thank god. I lost 42-35 though, dammit.

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...........Ron Dayne, signed to replace Ronnie, Ricky, Anthony Davis, and Verron Haynes, who are ALL INJURED, goes down with a torn pectoral muscle, out for 9 weeks.............WTF is with all the injuries in madden this year? I didn't touch the injury sliders, and there were never THIS many injuries in a season in any previous installment. Oh, Zach Thomas is out for season with a broken collarbone too, its only week 11, should be a great finish..........

10-01-2005, 06:05 AM
Damn man, injuries are whack in Madden 06 for some reason though. Really weird.

Nice read though!

Prime Time
10-01-2005, 02:25 PM
:lol: Damn that woulda been hott to see...

10-01-2005, 03:18 PM
Shouldn't you be getting back some of your Rbs for your stretch run?

10-01-2005, 05:10 PM
that sucks about all the injuries, I would just restart, it is just a game.

10-02-2005, 12:17 AM
Shouldn't you be getting back some of your Rbs for your stretch run?

No, Ronnie and Anthony were out for the season, and as of week 9 when I played the pats Ricky still had 7 weeks to go before he came back, so thats week 16 before he even became "questionable" then Verron Haynes went down for 10 weeks, thats the rest of the season, then Ron Dayne goes down for 9 weeks, thats the rest of the season. I finished 5-11, I only won ONE game after losing everyone. I had the 9th pick in the draft. I took Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State. He transferred over to an 82. Just to kill some time here's where some other big-name players went (in no order cuz I'm done with the draft and in week one of the regular season, so I can't see the draft recap, but I do know Reggie Bush was #1 overall):

Reggie Bush - Browns - 89 ovr
Adrian Peterson - Steelers - 87 ovr
Vince Young - Lions - 85 ovr
Chad Henne - Ravens - 77 ovr
Chris Leak - Cardinals - 84 ovr
R.J. Romero - Saints - 73 ovr (not sure why, they took Omar Jacobs in last years draft, plus they have Aaron Brooks?)
Sam Keller - Chiefs - 81 ovr
Marcus Vick - Titans - 73 ovr
LenDale White - Bucs - 80 ovr(again, not sure why when they have Caddy)
Laurence Maroney - Titans - 88 ovr
Santonio Homes - Bears - 81 ovr

OK, thats enough for now, if anyone is interested in another player or players, or guys from Matt Leinerts class, just ask and I'll look em up and see where they went, no point in posting em all if nobody even cares, lol.

10-02-2005, 01:20 AM
What about Deangolo Williams from your first draft

10-02-2005, 02:15 PM
Agent51 do you think you could do me a big favor and pm me the Ricky Williams ratings on the update?

10-02-2005, 02:56 PM
What about Deangolo Williams from your first draft

He went to the Broncos, 88 overall. Well, thats what he is now anyway, after 2 seasons in the NFL.

10-02-2005, 03:04 PM
Agent51 do you think you could do me a big favor and pm me the Ricky Williams ratings on the update?

No prob man, check your PMs

10-03-2005, 02:29 AM
About to do the draft for the class of 08 (where my created self is waiting to be drafted and be the next great HB, lol) and I'm going through the retired players list and who is at the top? 94 rated Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma, retiring with a career ending injury he sustained in the Super Bowl against the Rams. He broke his neck and is done playing football after only TWO seasons in Madden! The Steelers lost the SB by 21 points too, what a shame.

10-04-2005, 02:55 AM
Agent51, where did Antonio Cromartie and Leon Washington go in the draft??