View Full Version : Interesting tidbits from my first madden franchise season..

10-01-2005, 05:45 AM
I just finished my first year in franchise mode in Madden so here's some funny tidbits from seasons end...

- Ronnie won the rushing title :-D 1882 yards...and I'm not kidding...Shaun Alexander lost out by 1 yard ...again (He had 1881). I am starting to feel sorry for that guy :lol:
- The Patriots finished 4-12. Bills 5-11. :-)
- Saban wins coach of the year. ;)

But the most disturbing stat of them all:

- Jay Fiedler breaks the league record for highest qb rating with 121.1, wins QB of the year, throws 31 tds and 7 INTs in Penningtons absence. Eeeeyuuuuccckkkkk!!!!!!!!