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10-02-2005, 12:42 PM
Due to injuries and byes I have been forced to pick up some not so great fanasty players. I need help for which ones I should start today

Brandon Jones-Ten WR he has now been moved up to the #2 WR ahead of Calico

Chris Perry- CIN Backup RB also considered there third passing option

Troy Brown- NE WR and possibly CB if anyone suffers an injury but is second on the team in Catches

Finneran- ATL WR- Leads team in catches and may get start over Dez White

Please pick three of these players you would start.

By the way before you make fun of my team I had to replace J.Horn, C.Chambers, B.Edwards and I also had Welker on my bench cause he gets me points for Return yards if I had to play him but I cant cause he too is on a bye.