View Full Version : Predaphin 44 - TruDolFan 7

10-03-2005, 08:14 PM
Dolphins 44

Dolphins 7

(Defeat conceded in the middle of the 3rd QTR.)

Good game Tru, My offense wasn't getting in sync. You guys wouldn't believe that I only had 2 TD's on offense. That's right only 2 TD's on offense, the rest was ST or defense....Ronnie Brown ran one back for me on a KR. The Defense was having what I like to call an "Interception fest" :D (No pun intended tru, your a good player) ....but my Defense was all over the field. His offense couldn;t get anything going, it was getting very ugly that I decided to offer a conceded defeat at 44-7, before it got out of hand. I had just Intercepted another pass inside his 20 (redzone for me).