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10-05-2005, 09:23 AM
Ok, this is a little late because Full Spectrum Warrior (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/strategy/fullspectrumwarrior/index.html) is old as hell. The Reason The Mor is bringing this up now is because he bought Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) at the store for $7. The Mor figured, Why not?


Judging by the game's screenshots, one would think that FSW is a FPS. This is totally incorrect. It's actually a lot more like a RTS than an FPS. It's actually hard to describe.

The Mor popped the game in expecting an FPS. When the more realized you never actually control your character directly, he was very disappointed. The game forces you to go through a very lengthy tutorial, and control 2 (sometimes 3) squads at the same time. The campaign can be very frustrating.

Now let's talk about where FSW shines. The Mor talked his buddy in Jacksonville to purchase FSW because there is a co-op mode. This game is extremely fun when playing online via Xbox Live. The Mor's friend got the game for $10 so there's no complaints in the funds department. Having a friend control the second squad as you control the first is how this game was designed to be played. The multiplayer mode is so fun, that The Mor missed part of the Blitz Report because he lost track of time playing the game. If you want a great multiplayer game (co-op only... Sorry, no vs mode) for under $15... Go get Full Spectrum Warrior.

Singleplayer - 6.5
Multiplayer - 8.9