View Full Version : Proposed dress code doesn't suit some NBA players

10-05-2005, 04:45 PM
The idea of an off-the-court dress code isn't sitting well with some NBA players.

Though it hasn't been finalized yet, players have been warned a dress code likely will be instituted this season for team functions. Players will have to wear business casual clothes -- such as a sport coat and slacks -- for all team affairs. Commissioner David Stern told The Boston Globe that the dress code would exclude jeans.

Team functions would include team flights, traveling to and from games and at public appearances. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported the dress code would be backed up by NBA fines.

"The dress code is, to me, a continuation of things," Stern told The Globe. "It's a small thing that contributes to a sense of professionalism. It's what the job entails. We've always moved to the fashion of our players. Years ago, the fashion was a jacket and tie. Now, it's a much more casual approach. But our referees are always attired a certain way based upon their job description when they come into the building. Our coaches are attired a certain way when they come on the court. We decided that it was time [for the players]."


10-05-2005, 05:19 PM
This just in. NBA players approve the new dress code!