View Full Version : Michigan Cornerback Says Players Were 'Kind of Loafing'

10-12-2005, 03:32 PM
About 110,000 people at Michigan Stadium knew Minnesota wasn't going to throw when Gary Russell ran 61 yards to set up the Gophers' winning field goal.

Why didn't the Wolverines stop him?

"After watching it, we had some guys kind of loafing," cornerback Leon Hall said Monday, two days after Minnesota's 23-20 win.

"The guys that were loafing, they know," Hall later added. "I'm sure they're down on themselves about it."

Some teammates and coach Lloyd Carr disagreed with Hall's assessment of the pivotal play, explaining that a cornerback and a linebacker got blocked and a safety took a bad angle.

"If there would have been anybody loafing there, we wouldn't have run them down," Carr said.

The Wolverines did prevent Russell from scoring. But his run around the right end and down the sideline was long enough to set up a kick that gave them their first 3-3 record since 1990.