View Full Version : fins win! jets crash!

12-02-2001, 07:02 PM
raiders losing! it's a pretty good time for a party! :D

12-02-2001, 09:01 PM
the dolphins are the number 2 seed in the afc! :D

12-02-2001, 11:29 PM
:D :D :D :D :D : This has been a good day of football!
Fins win!
Jets Lose!!!!
And most surprisingly, Raiders lose. It's so funny....everyone is predicting Rams-Raiders SB (the tale of the two former la teams...:goof: ) yet Raiders lost at home in the afc championship game last year...in other words, they arent necessarily a lock to represent the AFC.....so long as they beat the jets the last game of the year.

12-03-2001, 11:27 AM
both losing, i wouldn't be surprised if the pats overtook them in the playoff race! :D

12-03-2001, 11:35 AM
:D That would be too funny if the Pats did that.