View Full Version : Review and replays needed in sports, life

10-28-2005, 03:13 PM
The Chicago White Sox officially are the best team in baseball. After their whitewash of Houston, there should be no doubt about it.But because of two huge blunders by umpires in the playoffs and World Series, some fans in California and Texas think their Angels and Astros were robbed. All that nonsense would be unnecessary if Major League Baseball had an instant replay rule, à la the National Football League.

Major League general managers considered instant replay last winter. The idea died because MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is opposed.

Selig has done a great job overall as commissioner, especially with his Wild Card decision, which made this season so exciting. But he's wrong about replays. It's like saying umpires aren't human, so they can't make mistakes.


Ray Finkle
10-28-2005, 04:13 PM
Instant replays in baseball would ruin the sport. This isn't football where a million things happen on the field at once. Let the umps make their calls whether it costs a team a game or not. They've been doing it for over 100 years now. Plus baseball tried a similar thing to instant replay in ques-tech (spelling?) with the strike zones and every single pitcher who pitches in the limited number of stadiums hates it and says it ruins the way the umps call balls and strikes.

Yes the play in Game 2 of the ALCS might have cost the Angels both the game and possibly the series however blown calls happens to every team. I feel bad for them but its part of the game.