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11-02-2005, 03:12 AM
This game is so blatantly influenced by Halo its unreal. You start off on a ship as a human. The ship is a attacked by aliens, they invade the ship you fight them off, eject on a tiny little vessel to crash land on the nearest planet. You then fight to save human kind. Alot of the enemies are quite obviously derivative of Halo's characters....and there is even a form of plasma grenade. Now from the trailers im fairly sure most of you may have deduced that the vehicle you see is a major ripoff of the Warthog. You are correct. It is a version of the warthog that handles crappier. It utilizes the exact same "right toggle to hit gas and brake while using the left toggle to face the camera in the direction you want to go" idea. One major issue that bugged the crap out of me is that while on the ship before sh!t hits the fan, you get to roam around 'freely' working your way to your objective. Well EVERY group of people that makes up the population on the ship is the same 3 individual player models looped. White lady, White guy, small Black guy. There is a slight variation...one more model: the 'policeman' duplicated about 1 flintillion times to make up an army.

One thing you'll discover very very quickly is that the targeting system has got to be one of the worst EVER. The camera automatically locks onto an enemy to shoot it. The problem: say you have a time limit to reach an area of the ship and foes are dropping all around you. You attempt to run from one side of a room to another to go down the hall and turn. While dashing for the door on the other side an enemy jumps down to your right. The camera automatically faces that enemy, even as you continue to hold the joystick in the same position forcing you into a wall... wasting time. It also holds that lock while another enemy slashes the crap out of you. So very counterproductive.

To its credit: Advent Rising tries to implement one mechanic I haven't seen done very effectively. It offers an option of first person shooting or 3rd person gameplay on the fly with the 'back' button. While it is true the targeting issue i've mentioned will be cured by using this change, you are no longer capable of dive-dodging as you were in 3rd person mode. The entire time you're running around you'll get pounced on more times then Jenna Jameson. Freakin' annoying. Another situation im positive Halo fans will recognize is the first level with the 'generic Warthog'. The very first area you are to enter is a metal tunnel....sound familiar? Also, while running around the planet you crash land on you'll see a destroyed world with hard to traverse terrain....much like the areas you experience in Halo 2.

All-in-all I very honestly think Advent Rising developers Majesco tried much too hard to create a Halo-esque title. Rather than helping them in terms of targeting a similar demographic they simply take a $2.00 production and compare it DIRECTLY NEXT TO a legend. This simply highlights certain shortcomings, not at all wise. I do believe if A.R. wasn't so much like Halo I wouldn't feel so bad about it but it set itself up. I'd say it is a 5.7 out of 10.

11-02-2005, 03:35 AM
The XBOX Version recieved a 67.5% from 218 Media outlets.
The PC Version recieved a 73.6% from 125 Media oulets.

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