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Prime Time
11-03-2005, 09:40 PM
But aside from letting players indulge 50 in his less gentle side, the game will serve as the closest thing 50 has released to a box set. Topped with three tracks recorded exclusively for the game, "Bulletproof" will also include 10 exclusive remixes to songs that have only appeared on 50's mixtapes. Also in the game are songs from 50's official albums and more than a dozen 50 and G-Unit videos.

The official track count is 53 songs from 50, 20 from G-Unit, 10 from Lloyd Banks, 10 from Young Buck and four from Tony Yayo, plus 47 tracks from DJ Sha Money XL and 15 videos from 50 and G-Unit. The entire collection is available to players at any point in the game; all gamers have to do is have 50 access his G-Pod.."

50 also made sure the game's action is as in-your-face as possible. Producer Andre Emerson said 50 tested the game backstage numerous times and signed off on its signature killing moves. During one demonstration, 50 showed he's a man of the people, asking Emerson to demo the game for him not on a high-end TV but on the type of average set most of his fans would use to play the game.

Here are the game's 13 exclusive 50 Cent songs and remixes, according to the game's publisher, Vivendi Universal:

"Pimp Pt2"
"I'm a Rider"
"Maybe We Crazy"
"Don't Make Me"
"Grew Up"
"Hit Your *** Up"
"Hole in Yo Back"
"I Run NY"
"I Warned You"
"Simply the Best"
"Southside G Unit"
"When You Hear That"
"Why Ask Why"