View Full Version : Jaguars are beating the Pack!

12-03-2001, 11:30 PM
Jags 21 Packers 7 :D :D :cool:

Well...It's now Jags 21 GB 14 :rolleyes:

12-04-2001, 12:45 AM
Good game, Green Bay was behind 21-7 and came back to win it with less than 2 minutes to play, 28-21. I don't suppose Brett would be interested in playing in South Florida next year......:D

12-04-2001, 01:47 AM
Jacksonville isnt the same without the best running back in the NFL(Fred Taylor). He opens up the offense & puts the oppositions D in awkward positions.

12-04-2001, 06:34 PM
They are also missing Boselli, who makes all of the holes for Taylor.