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11-06-2005, 04:06 AM
Going back to me being a history buff....particularly WWII I had been anxiously awaiting this game, unsure what to expect out of Namco in this genre. Well i'm happy to report they did well. The environments in this game really do a nice job of creating a 'bombed out' Berlin. Not only is it destroyed but the city actually continues to be destroyed AS you walk around in it. Like bombs nailing the pavement, creating craters directly in front of you. Planes coming down in your area (i'd say the first bomber was about 50 feet over my head), creating mucho boom (also, ANY given time you look up to the sky you'll see the air battle going on with no less than 25 planes in the sky at all times). Another nice 'destruction' display...tanks and bombers will occasionally obliterate a building, knocking crap everywhere leaving dust rubble and flames.....its a fantastic effect.

Now onto the 'Sniper' aspect of Sniper Elite. YOU MUST BE PATIENT.....otherwise you need not apply. I found this game to be absolutely blood pumping....of course I only experienced this after one defining moment. I had been walking through a clearing...I thought it was safe and i stepped out only to have a bullet whiz by my face and chunk concrete into the air. I knew for a fact that it had come from the building to my left....the trajectory suggested the sniper was up high. I sat in my spot for approximately 5 minutes and FINALLY I spotted the b@stard. He was creeping around in the exposed rebar of a building to my left. I got a bead on him....took the shot and the 'bullet cam' kicked in. Time slows down and the bullet is followed in a panaromic mode of sorts. It follows the bullet to the target then zooms out to show your bullet TEARING flesh away with a nice bloody explosion accompanied by a pain-ridden shreak. Later on in the same level I found my objective: a wounded comrad. My goal was to move him to safety. About halfway to my objective a foe pops out and starts spraying at me...he misses wildly, i pick my 'cargo' up and haul-@ss to the nearest rise in a shelled out building. I hide the guy in a room and go back out to seek revenge. I dont see my foe for a few seconds, I go prone on the platform i'm on, look down the scope, then all of a sudden there's his melon peeking around a wall. He ducks back and I wait for another opportunity. Sure enough, moronsky pops his torso out again and i 'bullet cam' one right into his shoulder. I thought at first I had done away with him. I was about to put my rifle away, retrieve my cargo and head onward. Then I BARELY happened to notice that the man i had just shot was moving slightly...he was reaching for his gun. I sized up....took one shot at his head and ended his suffering. This whole situation starkly reminded me of the part in 'Saving Private Ryan' when Vin Diesel gets sniped and then left to struggle as bait, then is put out. Very dramatic. Overall this game is based closely on the events in the film 'Enemy At The Gates' with a slightly different twist in character origin etc.

Overall, I rate this game 8 out of 10.....but you MUST be into this type of thing and you MUST not be too quick to judge as I almost was. I guarantee your first 'bullet cam' kill, your first revengeful volley of sniper fire ending in shreaking and your first real-time bombed building will hook you. WWII and history buffs must play. :UP: :UP:

11-06-2005, 04:18 AM
A listing of the ratings each game recieved:

XBOX (which I must note is the version I own): 79.0% (was I close or what?) by 87 media outlets

Playstation 2: 74.4% by 68 media outlets

PC: 71.3% by 59 media outlets

All rankings taken from www.GameRankings.com. There you can find in-depth, written reviews from each of the 87, 68, and 59 media outlets listed. :rocker:

11-06-2005, 04:48 AM
:up: sounds awesome i deff have to pick this one up.....lots of games comin out i want to play.....by any chance have you played matrix:path of neo?

11-06-2005, 05:05 AM
Path of Neo hasn't yet released but obviously the buzz is that this title is the game "Enter The Matrix" was meant ,and by all means, was supposed to be. User interest level on gamerankings.com was 8.1 and the near-finished product was a huge deal at this years past E-3 expo. It's anyones guess at whether this title will flourish or flop but I believe Shiny Entertainment (the creators of Enter The Matrix as well) have learned ALOT from past mistakes judging from simple screenshots i've seen so far. Textures are far better and the inclusion of the main freakin' character, Neo helps alot. A rare happening, this is Shiny Entertainments ONLY project this year. That isn't very desirable among publishers but they must have alot of faith in the product they're cranking out. Having one project should mean more focus and attention to detail. :dunno: