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11-13-2005, 04:27 AM
Ok, Total Overdose is another title in the class attempting to appeal to the demographic favoring the Grand Theft Auto series. I must add that is just another of those failing pretty miserably. My NUMBER ONE problem: the vehicle handling and appearances. Any of you that play the Tony Hawk series will understand my comparison. If you recall there are times in THUG (one) that you get to drive the souped up ride on your Jersey block. When driving the car the movements are extremely blocky and very unprecise (if you're like me and enjoyed weaving in and out of cars at high speeds in GTA...kiss that goodbye). Well Total Overdose creators - Eidos has managed to take what is a core element to their video game and make it feel like an extreme after thought. Another problem - when you crash into another vehicle (which you undoubtly will with the handling fiasco) your car is going to explode almost automatically if you're going fast enough. At which point you will begin the entire mission over. Problem number two, the music. I understand the basis of the game is around Mexico and the culture involved....I just DO NOT want to hear the same theme over and over and over regardless of what i'm doing. There was no 'radio' implemented in the 4 vehicles you drive (regular car, old truck, old van and taxi). Problem number 3 - the main character 'Cruz' is a cornball....another "Nick Kang".

I do believe Total Overdose suffers from the same problem as Advent Rising. Total Overdose works so hard to be like GTA in many respects that it ends up putting itself side-by-side with the GTA-juggernaut...much the same as Advent Rising has done with Halo. One example: There are hidden jumps on each GTA, when you find those jump and actually attempt them, if you get enough air a slowed-down effect will occur.....Total Overdose takes this idea nd makes it painful to watch....mainly because of the vehicle you're watching 'sail' through the air. Another problem with the jumps is that not one ramp i've come across gets you higher than 10 feet off of the ground...honestly.

Ultimately a major major issue is that each area you wish to enter has a load screen...once you enter that particular area you'll soon notice it is freakin' tiny. When you want to leave you must endure another load screen. With a game this d@mn simplistic load screens this frequent and long are really uncalled for. Also, a map to use would have been fantastic. In saying that I'm not speaking of a printed map (such as those that come with GTA games) but in-game maps accessible in the pause menu. So a word to the wise you'd better memorize the entire city in the aforementioned load screens...be prepared to view that map through large bold letters. :dunno: Another annoyance: even within some districts you must endure load screens. Example: In 'Zona Industrial' I found a wall I could get around by scaling a building then hopping over the wall. Well I did but a load screen was involved going in and out of this junk yard. This would be like dealing with a load screen when you enter the airstip in Los Santos on GTA:SA instead of moving in and out of it fluidly.

The environments in this title are very very very very bland and unimpressive. It is very unlikely you'll see people walking aroudn on the streets, and even when you do they're only 5 in strength. If you 'jack' a vehicle from someone on the road they just plain DISAPPEAR....you are then in their vehicle and they've vanished OR they've jumped to the passenger seat with NO objective to you getting in whatsoever.

Now to the out-of-car aspects. Targeting in this game is inconsitent. At times it will auto-target the most threatening or relevant element on screen....other times you'll be getting blasted full of shells by 9 cartelmen while the system targets a chicken running around. Manual target truthfully isnt all that effective either. The WILDLY popular 'bullet-time' concept naturally was too irresistable...it's not that good....at all. Also in this game is Prince of Persia's 'rewind time' concept. You die, rewind and try again....I have mixed feelings about this. First - its cool because there's a small chance you won't have to endure the load screen. Second - if you're surrounded on all sides by vatos pumping shotgun shells into you and you rewind....you rewind only to get blasted yet again before getting a shot off.

The storyline itself is very unoriginal. Overall I'm fairly comfortable with calling this "Total Ripoff" in the sense that it borrows major elements of recently popular titles....only it combines them and recreates them horribly. I have NO problem with these aspects being taken....I just wish they were done better. To end I rank this game 5 1/2 out of 10. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

11-13-2005, 04:49 AM
The results of the reviews for this game are wildly above what I think is a very accurate assesment of this title.

PC - 76.2% is the average from 62 media outlets
Playstation 2 - 72.4% is the average from 84 media outlets
XBOX - 75.1% is the average from 87 media outlets

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Another fantastic feature about www.gamerankings.com is that you can view the summary of the game but also you have access to most articles written on all games. Just look at the tabs on the top of the pages these links pertain to (there's even a freakin' cheat menu).