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11-24-2005, 01:30 AM
so i created ricky williams and gave him what i felt were the necessary attributes and i also traded for cleo lemon. we finished 6-10 and i just got into the '06 season. Heres the roster

QB- Rivers
RB- Brown (Williams spell)
WR1- Wayne
WR2- Chambers (Booker slot) ( i also drafted the rookie Hass)
TE McMichael
LT McIntosh
LG- James
C- Smith
RG- Hadnot
RT- McDougle

(i didnt get to upgrade the OL like i wanted to but oh well)

LE- Holliday
DT- Carter
DT- Zgoninia
RE- Roth (traded taylor in a deal for rivers)
LOLB- Crowder
MLB- Thomas
ROLB- Hawk (rookie)
CB- Smoot
CB- Williams (rookie)
FS- Tillman
SS- Archuleta

welp there it is. i did my best as Nick Saban lol ill reply when i finish the season

11-24-2005, 01:39 AM
Nice. In my franchise I did a little switcheroo and made Sammy Morris a FB. Man is he good!