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12-01-2005, 06:23 AM
Hi Guys/Girls

Being from Sydney Australia, I dont get to watch my beloved Dolphins that much, (only on Pay TV). No one really follows the NFL down here, so this forum rocks.

My other passion is Rugby League (think of NFL without padding, helmets and you cannot pass the ball forward). A tough, non-stop 13 a side game were every one runs, tackles, passes and kicks.

Im curious if anyone else here follows Rugby League, in particular the NRL (National Rugby League) in Oz. The premiership started in 1908 and is huge in Australia

I follow the St George Dragons, who during the 50's - 60's won 11 permierships in a row (ie: Super Bowls) A World Record that will never be surpased by any professional sporting team in the world.

Are there any Rugby League fans out there