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12-03-2005, 09:20 PM
I don't normally do this but I strongly feel the need to prove a point here. A few weeks ago I was in a semi-heated argument with Kastofsna120 about who is the bigger threat for USC, Fresno State or UCLA. I was saying Fresno state because they have a better D and they have been playing MUCH better as of late than UCLA, and I provided stats to prove my point. He kept arguing that he didn't care, UCLA was the better team, period, and UCLA is the bigger threat. He provided no stats or logical defense of his statements. The only thing he did was basically say UCLA is better because HE said and that I obviosuly knew nothing of football. Here are a few quotes:

After I provided the past record of UCLA and the scores and made a comment about their D vs Fresno State's D, his reply was:

i don't care. UCLA is better than fresno state, and they haev more to play for against USC, thus they are a tougher challenge for USC

Then I responded that Fresno has a lot to play for too and UCLA was pretty much done after their loss to Arizona, yeah it was a rivalry but they weren't going for a title game anymore. His response was:

um UCLA can still win the pac-10 buddy. and remember: UCLA almost beat them last year. if you think UCLA is only going to play USC "for a win" you're an idiot. every heard of a RIVALRY? yeah, that's what this is. both want to beat USC just as much. the difference is: UCLA is better than fresno state. if you disagree, you're WRONG

Mod Edit: You've had time off before for attacking someone. Did you not learn? 48hrs.

For the record I never said a rivalry didn't matter, I simply stated that just because it is a rivalry doesn't mean UCLA will become a super football team after playing bad in the weeks leading up to the game, and that Fresno has a lot to prove too, it isn't a rivalry, but for them it is just as intense because they were trying to get a game with a top ranked oponent for so long to prove themselves. Again, I brought up their RECENT play, how Fresno was on a 7-0 run and UCLA was struggling to win games and how Fresno's D hadn't allowed more than 20 points in 2 games and UCLA HAS allowed more than 20 points in all but 1 of their games. He responded with:

i've watched UCLA

i've watched fresno state

UCLA is better than fresno state

perhaps if USC was playing @ FSU, i'd give fresno a shot

i didn't say UCLA was a tougher opponent because they're rivals, i said that because UCLA IS BETTER THAN FRESNO STATE. their starters are better, and they have a lot more depth than fresno state

lol, why am i even arguing? i hope both teams rape USC

Now normally I wouldn't come make a thread just to prove myself right to someone, but this one really pissed me off. I was trying to have an actual discussion, with facts and stats and information to backup my opinions and here he comes and just starts butting in like he knows everything yet his only defense was "I don't care, UCLA is better than Fresno State and if you think otherwise you are wrong". I have seen him do that to so many people in other threads too, they have an opinion and he just bashes them and tries to make it seem like they know nothing about football. Well, this one's for you Kast:

USC - 50, Fresno State - 42
USC - 66, UCLA - 19

Who's wrong now?

12-03-2005, 09:31 PM
Holding a grudge on the argument a little are we? :lol:

12-03-2005, 09:31 PM
glad to see him take the L

12-03-2005, 09:47 PM
Holding a grudge on the argument a little are we? :lol:

Yep. Well, not a grudge, because I knew all along I was right. Even if I were wrong I still provided a valid argument supporting my points and opinions. I only made this thread to show how much of a jacka$$ people can be sometimes. Yea, it's overkill but I'm tired of reading threads where people try and have a discussion and people like that just but it, adding absolutely nothing valid to it and just bashing people. It happens all the time and I bet it stops people from posting sometimes because they don't wanna get bashed for no reason. I have seen SOOO many people ripped a new one for absolutely no reason other than the person bashing them doesn't share the same opinion. It's perfectly OK to have comflicting opinions, but if you aren't going to post reasonable statements and facts as to WHY you have that opinion (if challenged) then just don't freakin post instead of making replies that are attacks on people. Posts like that have absolutely no merrit because it is a response to a factual, researched post with something dumb and childish like "you know nothing and you are stupid" or whatever it may be. Even the absolutely INSANE posts, like "should we trade jason taylor and ronnie brown for some 3rd string QB that MIGHT be good" etc etc don't deserve to be personally attacked. A simple "NO" and maybe an explaination (even though in that case the explaination is pretty obvious) would suffice, no need for anything else.