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12-05-2005, 03:16 PM
I was thinking EA should make a UFC game. They did a great job with the Knockout Kings/Fight Night series and I think they'd be able to do a great UFC game. The old UFC games were fun for like, 37 seconds. All you had to do was take the guy down and mash buttons til he broke his arm or got his face beaten in. I'd liek to see an actual fighting system, maybe like the WWE games, where there are punches and kicks for standup stuff, but when you are locked up/grappling the controls change to a whole new set of grapple moves. UFC has become popular again with the new Ultimate Fighter series on Spike TV and it would be cool to see a GOOD UFC game put out, with good graphics and with an engine taking advantage of the hardware it has. I'd especially like to see it for the next gen systems. It'sd be cool if they had a whole career mode, like Fight Night, the whole "amatuer to champion" route. Along the way you could make friends and train with those "teams", or you could make enimies and those enemy battles could be just a lil more extreme than a normal opponent fight. Maybe a little more blood, maybe its just a tougher fight in general, despite each fighters stats, just because you genuinely don't like each other so you're both fighting extra hard.

12-08-2005, 11:05 AM
That same 'button mashing' formula is still in place on modern attempts. I'm STILL disappointed, there should be at least ONE good one. Crave Entertainment has been putting those games out for some time now and their two newest attempts for PS2, XBOX and Gamecube (UFC: Throwdown and UFC: Tapout) are just as horrible as the Dreamcast and PSone versions. If you look at it across the board Crave Entertainment is just plain horrible at making videogames. They seem to release low budget games at a price of $15.00 which is indicative of the quality. EX: Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, Trigger Man, and Bad Boys: Miami Takedown (Oh so horrible, it's about the Bad Boys movies with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence). However, I do not believe EA is the outfit that will bring the UFC around. THQ and Jakks Pacific is no doubt the ticket (they create WWE games and have for some time). I don't care for their wrestling games but I can see the possibility to do a UFC game correctly........FINALLY.