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12-08-2005, 01:37 PM
OK, so I'm currently living in Hawai'i, as I do every year from October/Novermber-ish to April/May-ish (depedning on the surf season) and there are a LOT of military people here. I stay on the Island of Oahu, which is not only where Pearl Harbor is, but it's also the base for the Pacific Fleet, which is basically a battle group made up of every single branch of the military so we have not only a Navy base, but also Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Gaurd bases. Anyway, recently an old friend of mine in the Navy that I met back in Newport, Rhode Island (where I grew up) got stationed out here and we ran into each other when he came into one of the clubs I bartend at. So he tells me he just got here and needs to get furniture and all that because he didn't bring his with him from when he was stationed in Florida. So I tell him we can go to Rent-A-Center the next day (there are seriously like a million of those here, one on like every 4 streets, lol) and we set a time for me to pick him up.
Since I work at the gym on one of the Navy bases I have a military ID which not only lets me on base but also gives me military privleges like discounts and access to on-base stores etc. Anyway, I stop at the Navy Exchange for a drink and I couldn't believe it, they had an XBox 360 there! Like, for sale! I instantly was like "eBay"! So I run out to the car to grab my wallet and buy it, still not believing the damn NAVY EXCHANGE has a 360 for sale when every single store is sold out and on backorder etc etc. When I go out to the car I instantly knew I was screwed. I had just gotten a NEW wallet the night before (my grandma sent it in the mail for Xmass, lol, and it's pretty cool) and I meant to transfer everything over that AM but all I grabbed was the cash and my military ID from it because I figured I didn't need my credit cards or debit card or blockbuster card etc etc on that trip out, plus I was late. I only had $270 in cash and NEX (navy exchange) doesn't have lay-away so I was pretty much SOL (and extremely pissed at myself). My house was a good hour away and I was already 30 minutes late (hence the not grabbing EVERYTHING from my other wallet) so I figured I'd just have to suck it up and take the loss.
So I grab my friend and we drive to a Rent-A-Center in Honolulu and we walk in with this big list of stuff he needs, which was basically everything, a couch, entertainment center, TV, lol, the delivery guys were gonna earn their checks that day. so he is looking at stuff and I am wandering around and then I see the videogame systems. I walk over and they have 3 XBox 360s! THREE, at RENT-A-CENTER! I was like, you have GOT to be freakin' kidding me, everywhere is sold out and today I see a total of FOUR at places that I never even thought would have them? This time I WASN'T screwed because I didn't need to pay in full. Initially I tried to buy all three but the lady said there was a limit to one. I asked if all rent-a-centers had them and she said as far as she knows no, only a select few had them in Hawai'i, because the military depends heavily on them, so like rent-a-centers on the mainland didn't get them, as far as she knew, and only 3 or 4 in Hawai'i got them. She said they had JUST been put out yesterday evening when I asked how nobody had bought them yet. There was one standard and 2 premium. I, of course, boguth a premium one. I put 200 down and had another 90 days to pay off the other 200 and it would be "same as cash" meaning no interest, anything after 90 days and I start being charged interest. I tried to get my friend to get one too but he already had one and was also getting a couch, TV, entertainment center, kitchen table with chairs, and a recliner, the 360 would have put him over the limit (based on your job's income). I tried everything to get it so he could get one too, even offering to pay for it but it couldn't go in his name and I couldn't put it in mine because it was "1 per customer".
So anyway, we are leaving the store and walking back to the parking garage and I am looking at the box and this man comes up to me and was like "where did you get that, I HAVE to know, I will give you anything you want for it" I was like, is this guy serious? Before I could even open my mouth to say "Rent-A-Center" he pulls out his wallet and goes "How is $750?" I was about to be like "dude, go like 4 stores down and there are 2 left" but the only thing I got out was "Dud----" because he interrupted and goes "$900" I was thinking "WTF?" and he was like "no? The most I can do is eleven hundred, but I HAVE to have one, I PROMISED my son one for Xmass and I CANNOT let him down again". so I'm first thinking this guy is one of those bad dad's that always breaks his kids heart and is trying to buy there love back all the time, and I should just tell him to go to rent-a-center because I am planning on making big money on ebauy but then I was thinking, wait, this guy just offered me $1,100 freakin dollars for something that I paid $200 for, I should just take that instead of my ebay plan because on ebay not only will I have to go through the hassle of the winner possibly not paying, but also the shipping and all that, plus it might not go as high as $1,100, and even if it WOULD have went for more, that's still $1,100 I didn't have before. So I was like "Dude, are you completely serious?" he was like "yes, you do not know how much I need that, we just have to go to the bank or an ATM because I only have $923 in cash on me" So I'm thinking that I can't believe this is happening, then I'm thinking how the hell is this guy just carrying that much cash around? He was pretty well dressed, in a suit and had a big pinkie ring on, so he definately looked like he had money, but still, I mean, I make very good money from bartending at two very popular nightclubs, but I don't just carry around that much cash on me, lol.
Anyway, I started to feel like it would be SUPER wrong to sell it to this guy for $1,100 when he can just go to rent-a-center and get it for $400. So I start to say no, and tell him about rent-a-center, which is literally like 4 stores down (although their sign was hidden by the Jack-In-The-Box sign) but the second I say "I don't think I'm gonna sell it man" he FLIPS. He like tears into me saying "you little punk sh*t, you can't help someone out when their relationship with their child depends on it, instead you have to be a greedy little ******* and run home with your precious little videogame system to sit in front of it 24/7 and waste your measly little existance away!??!??!" I was like "WOA dude, chill ou---" but he interrupted again with "no, F*CK you, you worthless sonofab*tch, I am offering you over a GRAND for that, you could take it out and lose your virginity, chicks dig $ and if you are that attatched to a videogame system you have obviously never been laid" so now I'm pissed and I was like "Yea ok buddy, first of all I don't even play games, I bought this just because I could, and you think you're eleven-hundred bucks impresses me? HA, I make triple that in a WEEK! I've never been laid? Yea, you're right, I'm a 21 year old bartender at two of the most popular nightclubs in Hawai'i who makes crazy money, yet I've never been laid, please, I don't need to flaunt my money around like some big shot to get girls and feel good about myself like you obviously do, I see and talk to and flirt with more hot girls in one night than you've even SEEN in your entire life and I've prolly slept with more girls than the number of girls you have, plus the number of girls your gay son won't, plus the number of guys your wife has f*cked behind your back so kiss my a$$ you pathetic loser, you want this system? fine, $1,200, no less, and you better decide quick because I have more important things to do with my time than talk to deadbeat dad's who resort to begging on the streets to buy their son's love back."
He INSTANTLY changed from absolutely RIPSH*T when I said that stuff (I thought he was going to swing with the wife and son comment) to instantly apologetic and pleaful when I said I'd sell. He kept saying he couldn't do twelve though, and I wa slike "then I can't do the sale, later" and he was like "wait wait, I'll do it". He asks where the closest ATM is and I tell him it's two blocks down in the Aloha gas station. It, of course, WASN'T the closest ATM, that was right across the street, in plain view of us too, but the one I sent him to had a freakin' $4.50 service charge, lol. So he asks if we are coming with him and I say no, we'll be right here and he tells us PLEASE don't go anywhere he'll be right back and he takes of jogging down the street.
My friend goes, dude, what an a$$hole and I'm like, yep, I can't STAND people that think they are better than other people and who act like they are untouchable because they flaunt their money, so that's why I am selling it to him for $1,200 instead of telling him where to find it for $400. If he had just let me talk I was going to be polite and save him $800 but NO, he had to go off and talk down to me so now he gets what he deserves. Then my friend was liek "geez, all I heard was how nice people where here, that guy doesn't seem very nice" and I was like "oh no man, that guy is a rare breed, he prolly isn't even from here, because the people here are amazingly friendly, like no place else I've ever been, you're gonna love it."
Then the dude comes back and was like "can I do eleven fifty?" and I was like "no, you can do twelve or I can walk away, you could have done eleven if you weren't such a dick, now it's twelve but if you don't have it thats fine with me." and he was like "no man, I have it, I just don't get paid til friday and that only leaves me with about $60 for the week" I said "well, don't buy it then, but I gotta go" and he said no, here man, please, I didn't mean that sh*t. then he counts out twelve freakin hundred dollars. Nine $100s and the rest $20s. I still couldn' believe it, and I started to feel bad again, even though he was definetly THE biggest a$$ I had ever met in Hawai'i, and prolly in the top 10 ever, I'm not that kind of guy and I started to feel bad, but I was still going through with it.
So he hands me the $ and I gave him the system and all the sudden he goes "HA, thanks sucker, jokes on you, I woulda paid ANYTHING for that, my bankroll is endless" and instantly any guilt I had went away and my quick wit kicked in and I go "HA, thanks sucker, jokes on YOU, you coulda paid $400 for that right there at rent-a-center, you're STUPIDITY is endless" then I turned around and walked back to rent-a-center and paid the remaining balance on the 360 and walked away with a free $800ish.

*EDIT* Sorry for the SUPER long read, but I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday and it was just TOO good not to share. I tried to tell the guy, but he had to be a complete dick and think he was better cuz he could flaunt his $ all over the place, so I hit him where it obviously hurts, his wallet. I HATE people that are that shallow.

12-08-2005, 06:15 PM
SURE!! This morning I had a guy pay me $3000 for me to kick him in the nuts. :rofl3:

12-08-2005, 06:25 PM
SURE!! This morning I had a guy pay me $3000 for me to kick him in the nuts. :rofl3:

yea, except mine actually happened :shakeno:

12-09-2005, 02:24 AM
I could of gotten one when they first came out, but I didnt know they were going for so much on Ebay, so I didnt. Man, I wish I would of.

Deus Ex Dolphin
12-09-2005, 02:44 AM
Wild story, but I can believe it. The guy I sold my 360 to on Ebay drove over 6 hours roundtrip to pick it up the next morning -and I'm sure it was for his kid(s).

Expensive gifts are easier than being there for your kids I guess. :shakeno:

12-09-2005, 02:50 AM
Awesome story bro, the guy deserved to pay that much for one lol. What an A$$. Glad to see you walked away with $800. That's cool how there are still some available there, when here, the day they came out they were sold out by like 7 a.m. I needed to laugh tonight, thanks :D.

12-09-2005, 12:21 PM
Dude I was seriously trying to tell him where I just got mine, but then the guy went OFF on me. He got what he deserved. I even started to feel bad AGAIN towards the end of it, til he made that sucker comment. I couldn't believe NEX and RAC had them though, I would have never expected them to, right now anyway, with the shortage. Things are different out here though, lol, the RACs here are like the Walmarts on the mainland, they have SO much more stuff than normal Rent-A-Centers, it's crazy. On a side note, I cannot believe I am up at 6 freakin AM (local time) AGAIN, this SUCKS, lol. Good thing this site exists, cuz I'd be pretty bored otherwise.

12-09-2005, 02:40 PM
That is the best story ever! I am getting my preorder pretty soon and I am seriously thinking about just selling it.

12-09-2005, 06:31 PM
That is the best story ever! I am getting my preorder pretty soon and I am seriously thinking about just selling it.

Dude unless you are a diehard XBox fan that can't live without it this instant why WOULDN'T you? It's the holiday season and those things are going at INSANE prices on ebay, you can make enough to buy another system and every game you want for it, PLUS have hundreds left over.