View Full Version : casinos coming out with software that lets you bet on which play will be run next

12-09-2005, 02:57 PM
too bad Wanny isn't still here i'd bet on run for three yards every play and i'd turn 100 into a million every game


Just in time for the college bowl season and the pro-football playoffs, the Palms Hotel & Casino says it is in final negotiations to field-test a system called Rapid Bet Live. It uses touch-screen kiosks that allow gamblers to bet on various propositions throughout a game: Will the team score on a drive? Will it punt? Will something else happen?

For their part, those in the gaming industry say they aren't going after the big-time gamblers or anticipating large wagers. ISW's Mr. Albanese said his company's original system counted on bets no bigger than $20 and a gambler was limited to betting $2,500 to $3,000 per day.

Jim Hughes, general manager at the Palms, says it is that same kind of action that his casino is aiming for with Rapid Bet Live. "This is for somebody that isn't satisfied with that $20 or $50 wager on the outcome of a game; he wants to have something else going on as the game progresses."

it seems like putting a limit on someones betting isn't something a casino would really look into:rofl3: