View Full Version : GMAC & Vegas Bowls

12-22-2005, 09:30 PM
I'd would be more than pleased to see Gradkowski, Harrison Smith (Cal FS), & M Philip (Cal Center) in Aqua & orange next year

FWIW, U of Utah players (Emerald Bowl 12/29) Fifita (DT) & Boone (C/OT) might help help Saban & Co.

Fifita can play NT & DT and IMO is better than Pouha who the jest drafted the third last year

12-22-2005, 09:32 PM
I don't think Gradkowski would be the best choice for us. He would be a nice 3rd or 4th pick though, and I wouldnt mind us drafting him. I don't see him starting next year though.

12-22-2005, 10:52 PM
There are going to be good QBs in later rounds.Just like this season in Frye and a couple others.Im to scared to draft a QB high cause of the risk.Look at A.Smith he sucks so bad.Im sry but i think he is a bust.The guy is horrible i dont think he has what it takes to make it in the nfl.There is going to be a Qb worth looking at in the 3 or 4 rounds.Just hope Miami takes sometime to look at them.

12-22-2005, 11:03 PM
Gradkowski < Flaming Poop.