View Full Version : Miami 'diploma mill' reportedly closing

12-24-2005, 07:16 PM
A Miami correspondence academy that drew the scrutiny of the NCAA and state officials amid growing concerns about "diploma mills" is shutting down, the school's founder told The New York Times.

"It's a disaster," Stanley J. Simmons told the newspaper for Saturday's editions. "I'm finishing up everything, and I'm going back into retirement."

University High School had no classrooms, teachers or teams but helped numerous athletes quickly earn diplomas, the Times first reported in November. The newspaper reported that University High graduated at least 14 students who signed with Division I football programs during the past two years. Because the school is private, students did not have to take the state-mandated exit exam. The Miami-Dade state prosecutor's office and the NCAA recently began investigations into the legitimacy of the school. Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the state prosecutor, told the Times his office was awaiting returns from subpoenas in its investigation of the school over possible fraud.