View Full Version : Customer Service Becoming A Myth?

12-28-2005, 10:31 AM
If you've ever blown your top dealing with a customer service representative, you're not alone. A new study indicates it's a problem for most consumers.

Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen says that means you need a battle plan if you have a problem with a company because satisfaction isn't always guaranteed, and many companies no longer take the approach that the customer is always right.

And, according to the study, that has many people feeling customer rage.

Consumers such as Mickey Donahue, who calls what her cell phone company put her through "infuriating," says it got her nowhere.

For months, Koeppen says, Donahue fought with the company over a billing problem, spending hours on the phone with customer service. In the end, she paid her $383 bill out of sheer frustration.

She says customer rage is on the rise.

"Road rage, move over," Donahue says. "It's all customer rage now."