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12-31-2005, 04:01 PM
1.Texans-Reggie Bush-USC-RB-Well u know the best player by far.
2.49ers-D'Brickashaw Ferguson-Virginia-OT-w/ Alex Smith's bad performance u can blame some on the offensive line for not giving him time and Ferguson will help.
3.Saints-Matt Leinart-USC-QB-Matt leinart can replace Arron Brooks and bring some leadership to the team.
4.Jets-Laurence Maroney-Minnesota-RB-W/ Curtis Martin probably retiring after the 06'-07' season, Maroney will have a year to learn under the hepf of Martin and be a major impact just like his teammate last year did this year with the Cowboys(Marion Barber)
5.Packers-Jimmy Williams-VT-CB-Packers have just let up too many big plays and Jimmy Williams will fit well in Jim Bates' defense.
6.Titans-Deangelo Williams-Memphis-RB-Too many injuries to Brown and Henry so they need a nice,strong healthy back to carry the load.
7.Lions-Mathias Kiwanucka-BC-DE-Detroit is a total mess and their Ends are aging fast. M.K. is probably the best defensive player here if A.J. Hawk doesn't beat him.
8.Cardinals-Ahmad Brooks-Virginia-OLB-Cardinals need help on the defensive side of the ball.Antrelle Role did not help like expected.
9.Bills-A.J. Hawk-Ohio State-OLB-Fletcher might be out of Buffalo in the offseason and A.J. Hawk can fill in for him and probably do a even better job.
10.Ravens-Tye Hill-Clemson-CB-With Sanders retiring(again) and Mcallister not preforming well, Tye Hill could make a major impact with his speed and smart play.
:dolphins: 15.Dolphins-Jay Cutler-Vanderbilt-QB-As we all know that Frerotte will possibly play his final game in a Miami uniform tomorrow, Jay can step up and be a leader in the big games and lead his team to victory. Somthing Frerotte wasn't able to do in a couple close losses.:dolphins:

I predict a 9-7. 10-6 season next season.Go Fins

12-31-2005, 04:03 PM
Hawk to the Bill's!!!!!!!!:fire: :fire: :yell: :fire:

12-31-2005, 04:19 PM
if we get cutler, frerotte will still start next year

12-31-2005, 09:00 PM
if we get cutler, frerotte will still start next year