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01-01-2006, 04:04 AM
I was lookin at the seahawks roster on madden to see where each of their stars were drafted and i noticed jsut like the Colts they have KEY players all drafted in RD 1 starting and hav ebecome top 5 in their positions if not top 3. LT, LG, TE, RB, LB (2nd ILB), warrick (somehwat bust), jackson, etc etc. hopefully this wont be the case for us as we can use FA to get some of that done and our later rd picks such as CC and T D to become our good to great players rather then just the 1st rders. so far poole and C crowder were potential 1st rder but off the field issues dorpped em back some. AJ nicholson is in the same sitaution now as he was charged with sexual assualt chargers and will miss the bowl game dropping him from a potential 2nd rd to a 2nd day pick and we can steal him IF we go for him as his issues are major ones not the average small smoke weed or party ones. btw ILB he is. HAPPY NEW YEARS BTW GUYS!

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