View Full Version : RB Alexander Sets Touchdown Record

01-01-2006, 10:53 PM
Shaun Alexander said his offensive line was more excited about a chance at the league rushing title than he was. The NFL touchdown record was another matter.

"It's more fulfilling to be 13-3, to know we're in the playoffs and we don't have to play next week," Alexander said. "Those are more fulfilling than the rushing title. The scoring title, the touchdowns, I do like that. That's pretty cool."

First, he established the NFL single-season mark for touchdowns by scoring his 28th early in the second quarter. On third-and-goal at the 1, Alexander took a handoff from Matt Hasselbeck, got a block from fullback Mack Strong and raised his hand in triumph, untouched, for his 100th career TD.

Alexander carried the ball eight of the last nine plays of the 69-yard scoring drive.

"I know there was one play that there was no reason in the world for Green Bay to line up the way they lined up (defensively)," he said. "You kind of understood that the game was not a normal game for us or them, and it was just weird. I like the other way better."