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Metal Panda
01-02-2006, 06:20 PM

(the following is taken from a post I also made there. your thoughts?)

...is largely ridiculous. Teams have QB issues year in and year out--it happened in the 80's all the time, when almost half the teams usually went through 2-3 quarterbacks each year.

Take a look, for example, at 1985. 14 teams (that was half of the teams in the NFL at the time) had their leading passer with passer ratings under 75.5. Want the laundry list?

What do Vince Ferragamo, Mike Pagel, Tony Eason, Marc Wilson, Mark Malone, David Archer, Eric Hipple, Lynn Dickey, Tommy Kramer, Dave Wilson, and Ron Jaworski have in common? They were all the leading passers (note: LEADING passers, meaning many of them lost the
job to either injury or poor play) of their teams in the 1985 football season, and the highest passer rating amongst any of them was 75.5 (Mark Malone), while most of them were abysmal (6 of them under 70).

What's more, if we're look at it just by the numbers (which I admit is short-sighted but that's how Attner made his argument) Bernie Kosar, Warren Moon, Joe Theisman, and Steve Deberg also lead their teams in passing and had passer ratings of 69.3, 68.9, 59.6, and 71.3, respectively (I don't care how great this QBs wound up being later, just talking about this year).

Yes, that was one year, but why is it I never hear about how horrible the quarterbacking was in 1985?

Fact of the matter is, many quarterbacks have always struggled in modern times. It's the hardest position in the game, that's why. Most of the sportswriters seem to remember the elite with fondness and while
nobody can touch that class, it's almost as if they forget that while people like Joe Montana were winning MVP awards, people like Vinnie Testaverde were throwing 31 interceptions in a single season. Why else have half the teams in the NFL not had franchise quarterbacks in years, if ever?