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01-03-2006, 12:05 PM
Age of Conan(Trailor at website) (http://www.ageofconan.com)

Due out this year, it is a MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) game with a heavy focus on action instead of point-click-watch. Bringing the flavor of the Conan mythology means this will be a game targeted for a more mature audience.

The online part of this game actually only begins once you complete a full fledged single player campaign for your character(this is an interesting new take that should mean more quality content and less time hunting little bunnys.)

There are some more unique ideas being implimented, along with the standard pvp(player vs player) which most games of this type offer, there is a new "Bar Brawl" pvp system. When enterring a bar you can chose to bar fight with other players. No weapons ,spells, or player abilities function in the bar. Instead, players chose different weapons from their surroundings(e.g. Chair). The strength and accuracy of your attacks(as well as your vision) are not affected by player stats or items during Bar Brawls, instead this is all determined by your alchohol consumption:beerbang:.

Players will help eachother build cities spanning over the online world while defending them from seiges with massive hordes of enemies using catapults. The players must cooperate to destroy the enemy keeps that will be supplying the invasions on the player built cities.

Along with Seige combat is "Formation Combat", which allows an experienced commander to chose different formations for both players and NPCs which add beneficial defense and attack bonuses. Using the right Formations that protect key assets for your brigade can somtimes mean the difference between victory and defeat.

All of this is very refreshing coming from a genre that likes to use the old
"Rinse, Wash, Repeat" tactic to generate new "content". Hopfully the developers can impliment everything in their goals and it will be out somtime in 2006.