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01-08-2006, 09:06 PM
This week was a pretty disappointing weekend of football. The caliber of play was very low. But I guess that is what usually happens with the wild card teams. Here are my game-by-game reviews:

Redskins Vs. Bucs: This game was a perfectly matched game. The teams are very similar in style of play. I was expecting a close game, and it was pretty close. The Redskins had a big first quarter off of crazy turnovers. After that, they didn't do anything. It was a game where the better team could not catch a break. It was the first of two games this weekend where instant replay failed to get a critical call right. I enjoyed this game the most of the four games played this weekend. Overall quality of game: C+

Jags Vs. Patriots: This game was a complete turd. It was a lopsided matchup all the way. The Jags looked lost after the first quarter, especially in the second half. The Patriots didn't prove anything against the Jags. They did what they were expected to do to them. Jacksonville was a team that had one of the easier schedules this year. That explains their 12-4 record. They will have a QB controversy going into 2006. Overall quality of game: F

Panthers Vs. Giants: This game seemed to be one that was matched up well on paper. That was until the opening kickoff happened. The Giants had their heads spinning the whole game. They never found the ground. They were all over the place. Carolina could do no wrong. Once again, this game left you scratching your head and asking, "How did the Giants make it to the playoffs?" Eli Manning had no control over the offense. I don't think he even showed up. Overall quality of game: F

Steelers Vs. Bengals: This game seemed like it would be the biggest of the weekend. Two teams that matchup well, and have a rivalry in their history. But Palmer goes down in the first offensive series on what looked like a slightly awkard fall. It turns out to be a MAJOR injury. But it didn't slow the Bengals at all. Kitna comes in like the next Joe Montana, and leads the Bengals to a 17-14 lead at halftime. Then, the second half began. The Bengals imploded on themselves. It was like they handed the game over to the Steelers. They stopped competing. It was the sign of a young team. Also, this was the second game where instant replay failed to get a cal right on the Johnson reception for a first down. Overall quality of game: C-

So that is my take on the games this weekend. It was a weekend full of teams with youth. Teams that lacked experience under playoff pressure. Those that had more experience came out victorious. Two of the four games were matched up well. It showed in the scores. The other two games were mismatched. It wasn't high-quality football. It didn't seem like playoff football.

Instant replay is proving to be questionable this post-season already. It is becoming obvious that looking at a play over and over doesn't make the outcome free of personal interpretation of the rules. Calls are still up for interpretation, which causes plays be affected by human error. Everyone will always argue one way or the other on calls, even with instant replay. I think it should be considered that football return to it's raw nature where the calls stay on the field. Instant replay has a purpose. Maybe it just needs to be limited in the future? On to next weekend...

01-08-2006, 09:08 PM
I bet you are a big offensive junkie.

I am completely defensive minded and I thought Washington/Tampa was one of the best games this year. Nothing more I like to see then a game where there winner has 120 total yards.

01-08-2006, 10:24 PM
Yeah, the Was Vs. TB game was very good. I hated the Pats game though, I felt sick afterwards. I enjoyed seeing the Panthers crush the Giants because they are the team I want to win the SB. I didn't catch the whole Cinci game, but it was fun to watch from what I saw. It wasnt too bad of a week, but it could have been better.

01-08-2006, 10:30 PM
The Jaguars looked like they wanted to get the autographs of the Patriots players as soon as the game started....they were totally overwhelmed and didn't come ready to play.

01-09-2006, 12:42 AM
I watched all the games objectively. I had opinions about which teams I thought were better going in, but I just watched how each game flowed. The Bucs game was the best one of the weekend. It was difficult to watch though. Talk about the Bucs never catching a break. :confused:

Metal Panda
01-09-2006, 12:47 AM
Except the fact that you're wrong that the officials blew the call, and it wasn't a catch.

(See the thread titled "The Catch" for the refutations, as I'm sick of typing it again).