View Full Version : A.P. All Pro teams....them versus mine.

01-09-2006, 07:22 PM
I have some real issues with this years All Pro teams. As far as I'm concerned they mean more then the Pro Bowl teams because it is voted on my media guys who see a lot of games. It usually leads to less "voted in because of their reputation" crap. That being said...


Q.B. - Peyton Manning. I disagree with it...totally. Not that Maning did'nt have a great year but, Tom Brady and Carson Palmer had BETTER years and meant more to their respective teams then Manning did.
My pick: Tom Brady.

R.B. - Shaun Alexander and Tiki Barber. I have no gripes about this at all.
My picks: Tiki and Alexander

F.B. - Mack Strong. Led the way for the NFL rushing/T.D. champion. No issue from my point of view.
My pick: Strong

W.R. - Steve Smith and Chad Johnson. I have no problem with Smith. He was stellar all year, basically by himself. Johnson had a good year but he disappeared for long stretches. I think his mouth got him votes. I think Santana Moss had a better year.
My Picks: Smith and Santana Moss

T.E. - Antonio Gates. No brainer. No one is even close to the guy.
My pick: Gates

Tackles - Walter Jones and Willie Anderson. I have no problem with Jones, he is the best in the game. Anderson was good when I watched but I think William Roaf was better.
My Picks: Jones and William Roaf

Guards - Steve Hutchinson and Alan Faneca. I saw a dozen Seahawk games this year and Hutchinson was easily the best guard I saw all year. I saw Faneca get slapped around a little this year. Eric Steinbach always impressed the hell out of me when I saw the Bengals.
My picks: Hutchinson and Eric Steinbach

Center - Jeff Saturday. I don't have a big problem with that pick. The Colts O-line is so underrated, someone from it deserves a nod.
My pick: Saturday

Kicker - Neil Rackers. He had such great numbers you could'nt leave him off the All Pro team.
My pick: Rackers

Kick returner - Jerome Mathis. I never watched the Texans this year so I never saw him. I'll say that Terrence McGee from the Bills ALWAYS scares me when he has the ball in his hands. He would have gotten my vote.
My picks: Terrence McGee


Defensive Ends - Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyiora. Freeney got in because of reputation and nothing more. Overrated with a capital "O".
My picks: Mike Strahan and Jason Taylor

Defensive tackles - Richard Seymour and Jamal Williams. Seymour really came on when he got healthy but he was'nt healthy for the whole year and he is not a true tackle. Williams was ok the half dozen times I saw the Chargers but nothing special.
My picks: Tommie Harris and Pat Williams

Outside linebackers - Lance Briggs and Derrick Brooks. Briggs was everywhere whenever I watched the Bears. Brooks did not impress me the few times I saw the Bucs this year. all that being said, Shawne Merriman is the best rookie linebacker I've seen in a long time. The guy makes plays ad Marcus Washington always made a play when I saw the 'Skins.
My picks: Shawne Merriman and Marcus Washington

Middle Linebacker - Brian Urlacher. He won defensive player of the year...and I disagree with that selection and I disagree with him being the All Pro middle linebacker. Zach gets the nod from me...and I'm not even being a homer.
My pick: Zach Thomas

Cornerbacks - Champ Bailey and Ronde Barber. No arguements from me. Although Nathan Vasher made a LOT of big plays this year and Ken Lucas always impressed me when I saw the Panthers.
My picks: Bailey and Barber

Safeties - Troy Polamalu and Bob Sanders. Again, no arguments from me. I watched the Colts at least 5 times this year and Sanders was ALWAYS in on the play. The guy can bring the lumber.
My picks: Polamalu and Sanders

Punters - Brian Moorman. The guy is the best there is...he kills the ball and gets great hangtime. He also punts in a wind tunnel and bad weather.
My pick: Moorman