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01-10-2006, 04:53 AM
First of all, Palmer...obviously it wasn't intentional, if its ANYONES fault, its Palmers fault for not getting out of the way. But really, its just a football injury, part of the game and no ones fault! Its so annoying to hear people blame the steelers for it.

Second, I've heard fanboys say that the bucs got screwed with bad calls. In all the playoffs so far, I have yet to see a bad call. Bucs lost fair and square. Ppl say lavar fumbled on his int, people say that the WR caught the TD pass, those people are fanboys who dont think clearly. It was all fair.

Third, Im sick of people saying that Manning choked. His receivers weren't open at all. The panther DBs won the game, they were all over. So if there is blame to go around, blame the WRs for not getting open. Manning can bullet a pass into small holes, but..theres gotta be a hole at least!

Fourth, Skins offense DOESN't suck and they did deserve to win. The bucs defense was just that good. In the regular season, Bucs D has been #1 statistically, they allowed the least Yards per game. Skins still have stars on offense who CAN get it done..which they will against the overrated seattle defense. Skins offense scored a TD and a field goal. Look what the bucs got!--> a TD and a field goal. Thus the skins did deserve to win.(Although really the bears defense is the best)

Fifth, jags dont suck! One of the TDs was off of a pick. Another TD just happened cuz of 2 missed tackles on watson. Brady only got 22 more yards than leftwhich! If it wasnt for that watson play, itd be less. Dillon got 40 yards off 17 carries. THe jag offense failed. THey had so many chances, so many missed catches, and the defense still kept them in the game. They got beat, but that doesn't mean they suck.

That is all, I dont care if no one reads it, I jsut had to let it out!

01-10-2006, 06:31 AM
As much as I wanted the Bucs to win and I felt they had the better season, the Skins just outplayed them in that game. It was a very good game, and I liked what I saw of Simms (if we acquire him).