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01-12-2006, 01:46 AM
I started writing this before people started coming out and announced they'll stay, and stock has changed vastly (see Vince Young) so this kind of became a useless entity. Thought I'd post it anyway to see if anyone thinks my opinions are worthy enough of me re-writing a full mock once the combine is up, etc.

1 - Houston Texans - Reggie Bush, RB USC

A lot has been said about this pick. Many feel that Bush is a shoe-in first overall pick and I finally have come to agree. Although they are currently without a Head Coach, and Domanick Davis is a proven threat on the ground, Bush adds a dimension to the Houston offense that has largely been lacking since their inaguration. Bush is one of the most explosive and dynamic players in college football history and his talents are just too much to pass up here. Depending on who is calling the shots come draft time, it is not inconceivable that they may look at A.J. Hawk, Matt Leinart, D'Brickashaw Ferguson or even Vince Young.

2 - New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart, QB USC

The Saints will keep in similar toe to the Texans in terms of player and staff turnover this offseason. No other team in the NFL has endured what the Saints have had to this season, but with a new deal to keep them in Louisiana, things are finally starting to come back to fruition. Although a consistent, solid player, Aaron Brooks just hasn't done enough to push New Orleans to the next level, and will likely be dealt this offseason. Matt Leinart is simply too great of a prospect to pass up. His blend of size, accuracy and leadershiip make him a unique prospect and one of the NFL-ready prospects of all time. Leinart will finally give the Saints the X-factor they've been looking for.

3 - Tennessee Titans - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia

Last season, Tennessee was dealt a large blow with an enormous number of important cap casualties. Over the past three years, this organization has gone from a perennial playoff powerhouse to a slumping, cap-drowing disappointment. The offensive line was possibly the heaviest area hit in regards to those cut, and the inconsistency on offense this past season makes this pick a sensible and appropriate pick. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a tremendous prospect with excellent size and speed, and the ability to change an entire offensive line a la Jonathan Ogden. Ferguson will be a franchise player, and the Titans don't need to risk a high pick on a bang-or-bust type player such as Vince Young. Although the defensive line is coming along well, don't rule out Mario Williams here as his size and range would make him a good fit in this defense.

4 - New York Jets - Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College

This pick is made upon three key presumptions - Herm Edwards remains the Head Coach; Chad Pennington remains the QB; and Mathias Kiwanuka has a great combine. These are three things I honestly believe will amount, and although Kiwanuka is currently expected to fall a little further, Edwards will take a risk here on a highly productive sack monster. John Abraham has likely had his last days in New York and the Jets need to continue to establish a dominant defensive presence in order to regain their prominence in this league. I feel Kiwanuka is the second best defensive prospect in this draft, and will be the most productive defensive lineman to come out in a long time. If the Jets indeed decide to dance with the idea of drafting defensively, Mario Williams, Haloti Ngata and Michael Huff are all options also, though Huff would be a reach here.

5 - Green Bay Packers - Mario Williams, DE North Carolina State

Remember those days not too long ago, when Green Bay didn't suck? When their QB played well and their skill position players weren't made of glass? Well believe it or not, those days were only a short time ago, and the team hasn't really changed too drastically since. Expect moderate turnover this offseason, with Ahman Green one of the players to go. For that reason, don't rule out DeAngelo WIlliams here, but don't expect him in the Green and Yellow unless he decides to hop the No Fun League and join the Seattle Supersonics. Mario Williams is an ideal prospect for this slowly developing defense, a player who has drawn comparisons to Julius Peppers for his ability to anchor a defense from the end. With Favre and receiving options returning, and Gado + Davenport taking over in the backfield, expect the offense to play much better, and the defense to get that much needed upgrade. A.J. Hawk is a possibility here also, as is Haloti Ngata or Kiwanuka if he hasn't gone yet.

6 - San Francisco 49ers - A.J. Hawk, OLB Ohio State

Mike Nolan knows linebackers. Mike Nolan knows speedy linebackers. Mike Nolan knows hard hitting, speedy, fear-instilling linebackers. It's a shame for San Francisco's sake that Mike Nolan knows little else. Jamie Winborn went ghost mid-2005 and Julian Peterson will likely hit the free agency crop running, leaving some large craters in the shaky 49er's defense. I rate Hawk as the best defensive player in the draft, and I feel he'll have an incredibly productive career. His speed and vision is comparable to Brian Urlacher only on the outside, yet his bulkier, shorter frame makes him a greater gap-hitter. Believe it or not, Hawk will make a difference in San Francisco, and he'll do it right away. Alex Smith is...well.....growing, and Frank Gore is looking good, so that offense shouldn't be as 'offensive' as they have been in previous years, yet they still need some development. Other possible picks here could include Jimmy Williams, Winston Justice or DeMeco Ryans.

7 - Oakland Raiders - Vince Young, QB Texas

And there it is. One of the most talked about players in college football this season will be snapped up at 7. Although Oakland are currently without a head coach, it is hard to imagine the Al Davis-shaped franchise to be afraid of taking a risk on Vince here. Youngs potential speaks for itself, and if he is to turn into a franchise signal-caller, Oakland would have made an excellent move here. Kerry Collins is on the out and no QB will ever suceed with a name like Tuiasosopo, so QB is a big need to address (or so that is my logic). With an atheltic receiving corps. and a nice young offensive line, this team is made for Young. I also wouldn't doubt Gregg Williams (or another defensive mind) to take the reins here, thus making defense a possiblity -- Jimmy Williams would be a great pick here also with Charles Woodson likely leaving.

8 - Buffalo Bills - Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon

Mike Mularky's first season as the Bills Head Coach showed the NFL that the Bills still had a defense to be feared. At the tip of that iceberg was the dynamic duo of Pat Williams and Sam Adams, yet with both players ageing, Williams was shown the door, and the frontline declined. Buffalo will seek out Ngata, another monster similar in size to those spoken names, yet quite possibly a more terrifying individual than both combined. If Ngata can anchor the Bills defense, Takeo Spikes and London Flethcer will have a field day for the rest of their careers and Buffalo can take a major step foward once again. The offense seems set here, but if he is to somehow make an enormous fall, D'Brickashaw Ferguson could be snapped up here.

9 - Detroit Lions - Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech

Yes, you're reading it right -- The Lions won't draft receiver this year, well...not in the first round anyway! Dre' Bly isn't making any new friends in Detroit and Fernando Bryant is getting older, and a defensive prospect like Williams could do some damage in Detroit. Williams is big and very quick and agile for his size, making him a feared threat to any QB in waiting. Although this team needs help in many more places, I still feel Williams is the way to go, and although I'm not entirely comfortable with calling this, I feel he will fall into their laps. I wouldn't rule out Vince Young if he is to declare, and slide to this spot, but that would depend on who the new coach is next season. Chad Greenway is another potential position here, as this team could use a lofty outside linebacker.

10 - Arizona Cardinals - Michael Huff - CB/S Texas

Arizona could address a lot of different problems here, namely offensive line or linebacker, but I have a feeling Dennis Green will fall in love with Huff once the combine and workouts have struck. Michael Huff is a force who can roam the backfield freely, and will give the Arizona Cardinals a threat with Antrel Rolle returning. This team could use a Marcus McNeil or DeMeco Ryans, but free agency will bring this team some goodies to fill some of those holes. Green is building his team young and an NFL ready player like Huff just fits here. This pick is also assuming the Cardinals make a deal to snatch Philip Rivers or Daunte Culpepper in the early offseason, otherwise they could trade up to jump on Vince Young, Matt Leinart or could reach for Jay Cutler.

11 – St. Louis Rams – DeMeco Ryans – OLB Alabama

The Rams are a team in need of change. Although packed with franchise potential, this team has struggled over the last few years and is a far cry from their ‘greatest show on turf’ days. The Rams will look to upgrade their defense next season, with DeMeco Ryans a good, rangy prospect to help stock the gaps. Ryans is one of the top defenders in the nation and is an excellent tackler. His ability to get to the ball carrier is an attribute desperately seeked out by an aging, inconsistent defensive unit. Other possible options could include LaRon Landry, Tamba Hali, Chad Greenway or Michael Huff, if he is available here.