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01-18-2006, 09:21 PM
Recently I was playing with my friend in NCAA Football 06. He's always been better than me in it, constantly beating me with the Syracuse Orangemen while I'm the Hurricanes. He usually beats up on me with the running game. Anyways, there's 3 and a half minutes left in the 4th quarter and I'm down 42-28. On the first down from my 20, I throw a hail mary to Ryan Moore and get tackled at his 40. I call the same play, but this time to Darnell Jenkins for the touchdown. Now it's 42-35, and he's got the ball on his 25. Obviously, he's going to the run the clock out. He picks up a big gain and gets the ball to about the 50. On the next play, safety Brandon Meriweather forced a fumble and I recovered it. I called another hail mary and bombed it to Ryan Moore for a touchdown. So now it's 42-42, with about a minute left. I still had my three time-outs left so I wasn't worrying at all, as long as I could force a three and out. And well, I did. So since I stopped him short on every running play he used about 15 seconds off the clock. I've got the ball on my 35 and once again, start off with a hail mary, which was incomplete. I picked a play where Darnell Jenkins lined up next to Sinorice Moss, and Darnell Jenkins was to run across the middle to draw away the strong safety so Moss would be running a one-on-one streak. The play worked perfectly and I connected with Moss where he was tackled at my friend's 20. The next two plays I ran the ball to pass some time and get ready for the game-winning kick. I had 13 seconds left on 3rd down, and ran a counter to the left. The fullback (Hill) picked up the big block, and then it was all open field. I sprinted into the endzone and game over, 42-49. I then preceded in talking trash and rubbing it in his face.

If you are curious as to why I kept throwing hail mary's, it's because not only was he playing zone pretty much the whole game, but also because I've done the same thing in thousands of games before. I don't know how I do it, but I bomb it up to my tallest receiver, turn into the receiver and sprint down field and catch it. It always works.

What's your "wildest moment"?

01-18-2006, 10:40 PM
three eagles in a row on tiger woods, including a hole in one.
I shot a 55

Either that or my 13 run comback in the ninth inning of an online game of mvp

01-18-2006, 10:48 PM
In a franchise league tournament I scored 21 points in the opening 30 seconds of a Superbowl.

I win the toss and elect to receive.
Kickoff return for 88 yards: TD
I Kickoff, force a fumble on the return, recover and take it in for a TD
I kickoff again. My opponent is tackled on the 22 yard line. Next play he calls a quick out against my cover 2 he doesn't see my corner, interception returned for a TD.
Easy win for me following that despite my opponent being a much better player than I am, because he was completely demoralised.

Metal Panda
01-19-2006, 12:04 AM
on the inferior pile of crap game NFL GameDay I compiled 700 yards of offense (I think we were playing 6 or 7 minute quarters) against my friend in the game in a blowout.

01-19-2006, 01:29 AM
i was playing my friend in madden we are both pretty good (if u dont believe me send a friend request to dolfinsly for PS2) and it was the 4th and about 1:01 left on the clock it was 28-23 him i drop back to pass with gus (im the fins he is the bengals) he biltz the lb ronnie picks him up but before that the dive to the ground and then i get up and bomb it to booker who had been doing a deep post he is wide open and i score the TD and my d-fence hold him down and i win that game or the game against his brother with was the redskins (him) broncos (me) i gave 11 ints 3 with bailey and rund back 5 for TD at half the game was 35-35 by the end it was 97-48 me and that is in 5 min quaters

01-19-2006, 04:11 PM
The two that come to mind off the top of my head would be:

1: It was the SB in my franchise in Madden and it was the last year of Saban's contract. It was the first time we even made it to the playoffs, nevermind the SB. I play on All-Madden. We were down 6 in the 4th with like 11 seconds left and I was on my own 47 and it was 4th and 4. I decide to send McMike on a slant towards the sideline just to pick up the 1st and stop the clock, putting me in Vikings territory with time for one, MAYBE two more plays (I had no TOs left). So I send Chambers in motion to the left since McMike was lined up on the right in hopes of getting man to man coverage so that the DB would follow chambers and free up that side of the field so I could to the quick toss to Randy. It was man coverage. I snap the ball and McMike takes off and is WIDE OPEN but the pressure came HARD and I rolled out with Brady Quinn (yes, I drafted him, lol) to avoid one guy but another was coming from around the end and he dove, I'm thinking it's a sack but Quinn ducked it and escaped, so I fire it out to Randy and by now there was only like 6 seconds left and when Randy caught it there was NO saftey help, nobody was even around him, so I just took off down field, basically tightroping the sideline since I was headed out of bounds til I saw that I only had a few seconds left and there was open field. Seemed smarter to just go for it instead of trying the 50 yard hail mary. SO there is like NOBODY coming, the saftuies are running for me now but their angle wasn't gonna get em to me in time. Here's the part that sucks, the REF was running with the saftey, I guess to get out of the way, well, he got out of THEIR way, and ran right into ME, which bumped me out of bounds since I was already hugging the sidelines. Game over, Dolphins lose to the Vikes 20-26 in Saban's first (and only) Super Bowl appearence. In the offseason when I was signing staff I needed and OC but when I made the offer I didn't see that the position was set to head coach instead of offensive coordinator so I signed a new head coach by accident and didn't wanna release him to resign Saban cuz I didn't want the cap hit.

2: I was playing a vicious game with my friend, we have a HUGE Madden rivalry. It was the 4th quarter with 14 seconds left. My ball (I was the Dolphins, of course, and he was the Colts). Score was 3-0 him and I was on his 47. I had to throw to get into FG range. I threw a bomb to Booker but never saw his safety and he INTed it. He was running it back abnd trying to waste time off the clock by cutting back and forth around the field and BAM, McMike LEVELED him with a hit stick and he fumbled, Ronnie Brown picked it up on the Colts 38 and then the other saftey dove to tackle him and I hit the stick to do the stutter juke but instead ronnie DUCKED and the defender flew over him then the oinly man left to beat was a DB bearing down and Ronnie stands up from his ducking and I hit the truck stick and ran over the DB and it knocked RONNIE's helmet off he hit the guy so hard, but he had open field and Ronnie took it 38 yards to the endzone after 2 SWEET jukes and he was helmetless when he got there. Dolphins win 7-3