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my 2 cents
01-19-2006, 09:11 PM
Here are some names to watch beyond the obvious high draft pick potentials with their connections to Nick...(potential picks anywhere in the draft and FA's)
The obvious
Melvin Oliver,de
Ronnie Prude,cb
Skylar Green,wr

Other SEC boys to watch
Mike Degory, c Florida
Freddie Roach, lb Alabama
Charles Peprah, cb Alabama
Chris McNeil, c Miss. St.
Stanley McClover, dl Auburn
Tre Stallings, ot, Ole Miss
Kedrick Golston, dt, Georgia
Muhammad Abdullah, s, Kentucky

Some others
Ingle Martin qb -Saban wanted him badly coming out of HS in Tn. Probably has more potential as an NFL punter than QB.....
Tony Ugoh, ot Arkansas-Another Saban recruit he hated to lose that never lived up to HS creditials but developed as a Jr./SR.
Moe Thompson, de Grambling-Former SC player that had some very good games vs. LSU
Archie McDaniel, lb, Texas A&M-All everything in HS and committed to LSU...Saban loved this kid out of HS, actually asking he not visit A&M.
Albert Toenaia, ot Tennessee-Another that Nick lost at the last second that he got to see in the SEC...
Rick Clausen-qb, Tennessee-personally don't think much of him but was a Saban committment that he hated to lose.

One NFL QB with deep Nick connections is Craig Nall, not that he is the answer but he played for Saban and had fantastic credentials coming into college (he transferred after Rohan Davey was named starter to NW La. ST) and has developed steadily.....

01-20-2006, 01:29 AM
Degory would be awesome.