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Metal Panda
01-25-2006, 12:24 AM
I wanna hear stories about all the "bandgoers" here on the board...this can even include DJs too. anybody who's performed music live.

Note I'm looking for really ENTERTAINING stories, so if you stumbled, let us laugh with you, not at you!

anywho, while I was a choirboy (admittedly) who was a former vocal major at FSU (before xferring to UCF to study psychology), I always wanted to play in a band so I could play my evil music. I played guitar 7 years (until I hung it up in 2001 for good), and wanted to have a good time. My two best friends and I knew we would tank at the highly publicized Showcase of the Bands that the school put on, so we performed at a smaller version that our choir teacher put on, knowing attendance would be small.

Needless to say, my one friend was a nice singer but very sloppy on the guitar. Made Kurt Cobain sound like Al Di Meola. The other friend was a good singer but decided he was gonna play bass, and while he's good now...he had been playing precisely one week. And decided the song we were gonna do was Nothing Else Matters as the crux of our show. And we had no drummer.

I taught my friend the bass part, my other friend the guitar parts (including the harmonized bits) and we practiced and it sounded, well, pretty horrible for a while. Finally it got to where it sounded decent. So we decided to come up with a band name, and joking one night, we're throwing names back and forth and I came up with Oonglebinky. Yes, we went onstage as Oonglebinky, with surnames--I was Cousin Binky, my friend was Stinky Binky (and he fought it heavily), my other friend, guitar player, was Plinky Binky.

We decided we'd do a few Misfits songs in our setlist, and Pearl jam's Nothingman in addition to Nothing Else Matters. The final song, we could never make our minds up on. For some stupid reason later on, I decide the final tune will be Jump in the Fire, nevermind our lead vocalist doesn't know it and was out of town when I chose it.

BUT WE STILL HAD NO DRUMMER. So we go to our first soundcheck two weeks prior and the guy who plays guitar for the other band, goofing off, sits behind thek it and plays during Nothing Else Matters. Well, we recruited him the night of the show. He played drums for us as Bam Bam Binky. Unbelievable luck. Better than his own band's drummer too.

So our setlist was: We are 138/Return of the Fly, by the Misfits, Nothingman by Pearl Jam, Jump in the Fire by Metallica, and Nothing else Matters by Metallica. No originals. we weren't ready for that yet, we'd only been playing a few months together. The show starts out decently after the Misfits medley, although people are complaining that essentially we start out with two songs where one phrase gets repeated over and over.

We then get to Jump in the Fire and my friend the lead singer has a panicked look on his face. He says to me on stage "I don't know the words" and I, annoyed (and not realizing this was actually my fault to begin with), tell him "just sing the damn song", thinking he just didn't know a few words. We didn't think to just have him hold the lyric booklet...and none of us had it anyway.

So I start playing the EVIL opening riff, after one false start (hey nobody was there to watch us other than family and a few friends), and it gets going, and as the time for the first verse to start comes along, my friend decides he isnt' even going to try and he just shouts YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Then stops. Then he waits about another 10 seconds and shouts YEAAAAAAAA! again. Damned if he didn't sing a lyric the entire song. I have the performance videotaped and after the third time he shouts "yea!" you actually see 4 kids get up and walk out of the room. My friend just shouted yea for 5 minutes over the riff. I was laughing so hard I started screwing the riff up. Then this kid with weird ears in the audience knows the song, huge Metallica fan, so my friend pulls him up on stage. The kid starts singing the verse while I'm playing the bridge, without realizing it. And when I say "singing" I mean talking monotonously.

Then the song is ending and I'm realizing when we rehearsed this we NEVEr ever got through the entire thing once and now I'm realizing MY BANDMATES DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP PLAYING. I went from memory knowing off the top of my head when the song ends, but I was afraid I'd stop and they'd keep playing. So I gave some weird head nod and we all managed to stop at the same time.

The rest of the night went well and Nothing Else Matters, despite some sloppiness and slightly out of tune guitars, sounded pretty nice for hacks like us.

01-25-2006, 12:36 AM
i played lead guitar in a heavy metal hair band for about 10 years - we were called electric skin - here's a couple really early publicity photo's... d-day is 2nd to right 1st pic - 2nd to left 2nd pic - most my band stories are probably better told in the ladies lounge... :chuckle:



01-25-2006, 11:46 AM
:lol: Great hair man. I cant post our fliers now..... its impossible to follow or attempt to compete with that. I must agree though, most of my band stories are best told in the ladies lounge. :lol:

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yup if it wasnt for dday being in a band he probobly would of never gotten scrumph :lol:

j/k of course nice hair bro

Im in a band right now, no stories yet though just had our first gig friday ;)

01-25-2006, 01:29 PM
I could tell you a million of them, but like D-Day, they're best reserved for the ladies lounge...

Yo D-day, you look like Rutger Hauer in that pic! :rawk:

01-25-2006, 01:32 PM
I could tell you a million of them, but like D-Day, they're best reserved for the ladies lounge...

Yo D-day, you look like Rutger Hauer in that pic! :rawk:

crazy hairmetal bands :D

My band plays everything and plays some of our own stuff which i have no clue what it can be classified as its more like classic rock then anything the stuff we play. We all got short hair too :tongue: