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Metal Panda
01-25-2006, 12:42 AM
Ok let me get this out of the way. I am still at the moment living at home (although I can afford to move out..and I am going to start looking soon as I know my family might be moving soon and my job requires me to stay here). For years I couldn't afford it due to poor employment due to being in college but now that I'm out I've finally got a little savings...which I've been trying to use to pay off credit card debt.

I make 28k a year (and am up for a raise in a month) and I pay all my own bills for my loans, car, credit cards, insurance....everything (and it ain't cheap), but I still have plenty left over as I'm a single man with no wife or kids. I've offered rent payment for living here quite a few times and it always gets brushed aside or not taken seriously.

but then my 'rents ask me to borrow money in large sums later on when they need assistance. and they'll project when they'll pay me back, and often times I don't get it back when expected, which is ok as I budget out several months upon months in advance.

But the reason it bothers me is because if they just had me pay rent each month, it'd help them with their money issues and then it would prevent them having to borrow large sums of money from me in one lump sum that I have to figure into my budget but live without.

That and I'm getting repaid later each time. they borrowed over 300 from me 3-4 months ago and I was told I'd have it in a matter of weeks. I still don't have it. and I got hit with 700 dollars of work to have done on my car, which hurt as I ate the cost (wasn't something a warranty would cover)

Then despite saying funds were tight, they spent a lot on christmas presents for everyone, which of course, me being the age I am now, while I appreciated it, I don't really need to be "spoiled". and now they need help with a mortgage payment that was missed last month.

This makes me gulp as I know off the top of my head this could be a huge chunk of change. and it's just frustrating as I know this can be avoided if they'd just A. take rent from me and B. not overspend on stuff we don't need.

I love my family but I'm frustrated that I work really hard at what I do (i've won a company wide customer service award in my first year with the company, which has several hundred employees who do the same job I do), bust my *** each night, and then I have to part with it and hope I see it soon.

The reason I won't say no is it isn't right to. They've bailed me out before. I guess I just figure there are better ways to deal with this problem and that they're not taking them. and I don't like being promised to have money on a certain date and not getting it. If you aren't 90% sure...don't even project a date.

sorry vent mode :/

01-25-2006, 12:53 AM
Take the rent money you would be giving them, and put it in a shoe box. When they need cash, give them what has added up.

Metal Panda
01-25-2006, 12:57 AM
True. I do save excessive amounts of money in advance although I usually don't earmark it which is a problem.

probably won't be an issue much longer anyway. if my dad eventually gets to be a manager where he works, they'll be relocating and I'll be forced to move anyway. which I want to do--the 40 mile round trip commute to work is not something I enjoy or my car and any way to shorten that will be great.

01-25-2006, 01:04 AM
Take the rent money you would be giving them, and put it in a shoe box. When they need cash, give them what has added up.

Good Idea Mor ;)

Cept when this crazy mouse steals all your money


:lol: :lol: :lol:

01-25-2006, 01:42 AM
Take the rent money you would be giving them, and put it in a shoe box. When they need cash, give them what has added up.

Good idea Mor, Hey Rob you're doing the right thing man. It's always family first and like you said they've "bailed" you out of "jams" before to be sure.If you have move to out man try to get a "roomy" or two.They can be a pain in the a** at times but it sure can help with bills.Not to mention most of the time there's always someone to "party" with.Goodluck with that man and I hope things work in your favor with the job..

Metal Panda
01-28-2006, 11:26 AM
I have no problem bailing them out.

It just happened to be $1200 this time (eek...lucky I had it saved).

But it was the mortgage, and you're right...that's a priority.