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01-25-2006, 04:20 PM
Found an awesome article today about the recent headlines of PS3 and Nintendo Revolution news and what truth and what bull. Let's see:

Statement #1: Sony Will Ship 4-7 Million PlayStation 3 Consoles This Year

It's clear that Sony needs the PlayStation 3 to perform extremely well. The company has laid-off 10,000 employees and hired a Western CEO to attend to the falling demand for Sony electronics. The PlayStation 3 is the center of Sony's financial outlook throughout the foreseeable future, and with the console expected to release in Japan and the US this year, shipping a large amount of consoles could be crucial to the company.

You've also got to wonder exactly how Sony would be able to manufacture 4-7 million PlayStation 3 consoles by the end of the year. The Cell chip manufacturing ramp up has not yet begun, and the chip yield will almost certainly impact how many units can be manufactured this year. The senior vice president of Pioneer Electronics should probably do some research before throwing out comments that force us to dig through a pile of BS before getting to the truth.

BS Meter: High

With the processors not even being produced yet, a 2006 launch is looking less and less possible. If it is launched, The Mor can only assume it'll be the same shortage issue that the 360 ran into.

Statement #2: PlayStation 3 Online Service to Mimic Xbox Live

Let's face it, Sony dominates the home console market in every possible way except online gaming. It's no secret that one of the only advantages Microsoft has in the console gaming market is the Xbox Live service and its integration into the Xbox and Xbox 360. While many PS2 owners would love to see Sony implement a service similar to Xbox Live on the PlayStation 3, big name players such as Electronic Arts have been vocal about the ability to set up their own online networks for games.

What we see happening is a partial Xbox Live service for the PlayStation 3. You pay an annual fee less than Xbox Live and get access to online gaming, a friend's list and downloadable content. You will also gain access to downloading music and possibly movies down the line for an additional cost. However, we do not see the service being anywhere near the level of Xbox Live. It may take Sony the entire life cycle of the PS3 and beyond to get to the point where Xbox Live is at now with the 360.

BS Meter: Medium

Unless Sony is really putting a ton of money into developing this thing (which I don't see possible if they're trying to launch an unseen console by the end of the year), I think this guy is spot on with this one.

Statement #3: The Revolution Will Be Shown In Near Final Form At E3 2006 And Release Before Thanksgiving 2006

Now Nintendo is saying that a near final version of the Revolution will be on display and working at E3 2006. If the company expects to release in the US before Thanksgiving then it has to have a working model at E3, but exactly what does that mean for attendees of the annual expo? We expect to see Zelda: Twilight Princess (http://gamecube.gamedaily.com/game/?gameid=2799) running on Revolution with the new features discussed a couple weeks ago, and maybe Smash Brothers (http://revolution.gamedaily.com/game/?gameid=4532) and a Mario title with a couple of little mini-games like we saw at the Tokyo Game Show. We may also see a handful of classic Nintendo titles to promote the Revolution download service Nintendo has vaguely discussed in the past. If we can play Smash, Mario and some Nintendo classics on the show floor we'll be happy Nintendo. Don't let us down!

BS Meter: Low

The Mor agrees. The Nintendo Revolution must be working at E3 in order to launch this holiday season. If not, the big N will be bye bye.

Statement #4: The Nintendo Revolution Will Be Priced Under $300 And Outsell The Xbox 360

Remember when Reggie told the world that Nintendo was all about kicking *** and taking names? Anyone look at the GameCube sales for 2005 compared to PlayStation 2 and Xbox? Yeah, not much *** kicking, and we won't even get into the taking names part. The Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance/Micro sold well, but we're talking consoles here, not handhelds. Now Nintendo wants us to believe that not only will the Revolution be priced at under $300 when it releases sometime before Thanksgiving in the US, but that it will also perform better than the Xbox 360 over a comparative timeframe.

Reggie… we're cool with you man. You aren't that great at Smash Brothers (according to Satoru Iwata), but we won't hold that one against you. But are you feeding us some BS here man? You're saying the Nintendo Revolution will release under $300. That's great, but what does that really mean? Are we talking $299.99, $249.99 or what? We'll assume that if Nintendo was seriously considering a $199.99 price point, "under $300" would not have been used. If the Revolution comes in at $299 or even $249 do you really think it will be able to stand against the Xbox 360 at $300 and $400 or the PlayStation 3 at even $500, Reggie?

We expect the Revolution to release around $250 this upcoming holiday season, so that figure probably isn't BS. However, while we do expect Nintendo to ship more Revolution consoles within the launch window than the number of Xbox 360 consoles Microsoft was able to ship, we don't expect Nintendo's console to outperform the Xbox 360 launch. This is mainly due to stiff competition from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Microsoft is off to a great start with the Xbox 360 and Sony will generate super hype for the PS3 based on the name brand alone. Sorry Reggie, we're down to beat up on you in some Smash Brothers Revolution, but you won't be beating on Microsoft or Sony this year; at least not in the console market.

BS Meter: Medium

The only way the Revolution outsells the 360 is if there are more of them available. This is very possible. But The Mor sees the 360 being a much more successful system in the long run... Why? The controller. Nobody wants to admit it (by nobody, I mean the 10 Nintendo hardcore fans that are still left), but that controller (like all things Nintendo lately) is a gimmick. And gimmicks don't last.

Awesome article, check it out.

http://www.gamedaily.com/specials/BS_january_2006/?page1 (http://www.gamedaily.com/specials/BS_january_2006/?page=5)

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