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02-02-2006, 02:24 PM
Ok so by now we've all had so many WWII games to play, ranging from Medal of Honor to Call of Duty. Now, there is finally a new game to remove us from the dreaded "vanilla combat".

This game is a RTS(Real Time Strategy), but it is taking this game in a different direction, removing "Micromanaging" as much as possible by adding in great artificial intelligence. This sounds familiar I know, but this game is one of the first ever to introduce completly destructible environments. Yes, you heard that right. Finally game designers are looking at games from our perspective. I believe this could start a huge trend in the industry for war games from this point out.

Some of you may shrug that off and say big deal, right? Well imagine this, your bringing your crew of Sherman tanks into a german occupied city. Your infantry start taking sniper fire and you see a muzzle flash from a building in the distance. Have one of your Shermans blow the building to a pile of rubble! Calling in airstrikes will leave craters where bombs fell, in which infantry can take cover inside using them as fox holes.

Company of Heroes (http://www.companyofheroesgame.com/) will be out for the PC in 2006 and will support online play with up to 8 players.

02-02-2006, 02:26 PM
The Mor loves RTS games. As long as it's not too resourse demanding, it sounds great.