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02-02-2006, 05:18 PM
Hi all, haven't been around much since like week 15 or week 16.. I got into trading referrals at these "free ipod" and "free xbox360" sites and it takes up a lot of my online time, plus I'm taking 17 hours in school.. on the plus side I've made about $1,500 off selling merchandise I've received and have no "real job" in the classical sense. But currently some people have been talking to me about this "High Yield Investment Program" called 12 Daily Pro. At first I was very very skeptical, after a day or two of looking around the internet I went from thinking "Hell no I wouldn't give them $6".. to thinking I might sink in $6k. At this point you are probably thinking I'm trying to get you to join, don't worry I'm not, I'm not a member either so I don't even have a referral link to give you. I just want to know if anyone knows much about, has done, is doing, etc.. these "auto-surf" or HYIP things.

Anyways.. I have a few questions if anyone has done this or anything like it, they call themselves "auto-surf" programs, but when you think about it. Giving someone $6k and then "autosurfing" websites for 7 minutes a day for 12 days and getting back $8600 (144%) doesn't seem very logical at all. Not to mention they pay your referrer 12%. So there are basically a few theories I have read about...

First would be that is just a ponzi scheme, they pay existing members with new members investments, if new memberships ever stops growing they close up shop and take your money. They are a LLC which means you'd have no legal recourse basically.

Second would be that they actually invest your money into very high-risk high-reward stocks, bonds, currency exchanges, metals, etc.. whatever would generate this type of profit. I don't know how much I believe this, if there was a way to turn that type of profit reliably... wouldn't we all be doing it?

Third would be that they are a mix of a ponzi and an investment program.. they sell advertisements to advertisers for the "auto-surfing" as they call it ... and do the ponzi on the side...

Now, I really don't know what to think. On one hand, I know (well electronically know) about 10 people from the "freebie world" who do this and swear by it. One guy quit doing "freebies" b/c he makes so much doing it, and believe it or not I did not learn about it because they all just kept telling me how great it was and asking me to join under them. One guy asked me to join under him then I started asking a bunch of people I knew did it and they told me how much they liked and trusted it. They have over 100,000 members and are holding a conference in Charlotte, NC later this month. I have looked it up on the internet and I haven't found much bad said about it, I have had a hard time finding someone who isn't doing it such as an economics or business expert saying "this is a scam" or "this is a real" and I would really like to find an article from an expert who is not involved with it, but can't find any... Also they will have been around for 1 year coming this march.

On the other hand.. the age old addage goes.. "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is".. and from my experiences in life.. I haven't tried too many things that sounded too good to be true... the "freebie" sites sounded too good to be true yet I have received free ipods and paypal payments.. but I understand the premise behind that. I get 5 offer completions for freepay, the companies pay freepay, freepay buys me an ipod.

I, however, don't understand the premise of how I can turn 44% profit on my money every 12 days. Some people say it is a "trade secret" which is supposively how ponzi started his thing. He found he could buy a stamp in spain for 10 cents and sell it in the US for 40 cents. This, for some reason (can't remember) didn't pan out into the millions like he thought it would.. and he found himself just paying off old members with new member fees.

So.. if you have anything intelligent to say about it I'd like to know.. I know it sounds like a total scam, I'm still very very skeptical.. so you really don't need to remind me of this. Also, if you are in it and just want to post your ref link and say how great it is.. please don't. I know someone who I am going to join under if I do it. My father has pretty much talked me out of it, its hard not to listen to him. He has worked a "middle-income" job his entire life yet he has raised two kids, sent them both to school, and he's pretty well-off by most people's standards so I definately respect what he says more than anyone else I know.

Okay, on a final note.. lets say it is just a ponzi, nothing more nothing less.. this is what i was thinking. I sink in $6k for 12 days, and get paid $8600. I keep $6k or a little more of that and reinvest the profit, and if they close up shop I really lose nothing if you think about it. I mean, there is no doubt they have a good reputation and have been making their promised payments of 144% in 12 days, the question I have is.. for how long? Am I going to join at just the wrong time? These are the questions that really can't be answered I guess.. if i'm going to do it I guess I have to realize I'm going to be risking $6k for 12 days at a very high risk and after that my risk will be nothing.. I thought about just trying it with $20 or $30 and just compounding it, but that hardly even seems worth it.

Okay a lot of people who have been around the block and worked for a living their entire life probably just lost all respect for me and think I'm an idiot who you could sell your ocean front property in Kansas too.. On the contrary, I'm quite intelligent and I realize it is very likely this LLC is a scam.. but I also realize.. that doesn't mean I can't make a lot of money from them if I do it right and get it and out in time... will I get out in time is the question that bugs me.

Your thoughts? Please be respectful I'm not trying to advertise for it.. you may ask why I bring it to a Dolphins board? Well.. b/c I'm a a proud fin-fan who loves finzheaven and respects the opinions of people here and I know that most of you if any aren't into it so you can truly give me your unbiased opinion since you aren't trying to get a referral bonus off me or perpetuate the program if it is a ponzi :)

02-02-2006, 11:13 PM
Holy crap I'm glad I didn't do it.. its been up for 11 months with no major complaints only happy customers.. right? Well today, the very day I'm asking around about it b/c I'm thikning about doing it... they have a crisis.. they got all their accounts frozen by stormpay.. man am I lucky this happened today and not 2 or 3 weeks from now. haha.. lucked out!