View Full Version : Can I have my Fidel sig back?

02-13-2006, 10:56 PM

02-14-2006, 07:34 AM
Sorry after reviewing your sig amongst the staff, your sig has been determined to be political in nature, and thus against the TOS. Having political sigs and avatars can derail a thread just by being there.

If you still desire this picture, you can make it your profile picture. Please visit the Graphics forum for more information.

Thank you.

Signatures and Avatars
Added: February 1, 2004 - Avatars and signatures should not have any type of nudity or be too risqué, nor are they to contain violence. Basically, nothing sexually explicit or violent. However we also ask that you refrain from using bathing suit-type photos altogether for the purpose of promoting on-topic conversation. We believe this is fair as avatars and signatures are in every forum. In some forums these pictures may or may not be allowed. Thus, there should be no pictures, as stated above, in one's avatar or signature. However, images such as stated in the above may be posted in The Ladies Lounge (http://forumdisplay.php/?f=62).

Added: January 15, 2005 - You are permitted one photo per signature. Please keep the dimensions within the 400x300 pixel range and below 40k in size. Exceptions can be made if a signature is wider than 400 pixels, but much shorter than 300 pixels in height (a banner for example). Not only does this make for a sleeker, less congested forum, but it also helps visitors who are limited to 56K dialup connections. Added: January 23, 2006 – The use of quotes from of other members in your signature in a derogatory or inflammatory manner is not allowed. This creates bad feelings among fellow members, and is considered a personal attack. Added:14 February 2006 - Politically oriented Sig and Avatars are not permitted. This tends to distract from discussions, much as a sexually explicit one would.