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02-27-2006, 03:51 AM
1. OT Marcus Mcneal
2. LB Spencer Havner
3. QB Omar Jacobs
4. Insert CB here
7 DT
7 SS
7 OG


Kevin Mawae
Drew Brees
Kelly Cambell
maybe a cheap LB/SS for depth

Y Bell
Sammy Morris

TeBucky Jones

Depth Chart would look something like this

LT- Vernon Carey, Anthony Alabi
LG- Jeno James,OG
C- Kevin Mawae, Wade Smith
RG- Rex Hadnot
RT- Marcus Mcneil
Fb- Sammy Morris, Darian Barnes
Rb- Ronnie Brown/Ricky WIlliams, Travis Minor/KJ Harris
Wr Chris Chambers, Booker, Cambell, Welker, Gilmore
TE- Randy Mcmike, Teyo Johnson, Diamond
Qb Drew Brees, Sage, Omar Jacobs

JT, Vonnie, Carter, Manny Wright, Vickerson, DBowens, Roth, Traylor or Zgnonina(possibly), DT(rookie)
LBs- Zach, Channing, Spencer Havner, Pope, Spragen, Moore or FA lb
CBs- Madison, Daniels, Poole, CB (rookie), Shirdonya Mitchell or Reggie Howard
FS- Lance, Bell
SS- TBuck, Tillman, SS (FA or Rookie)

Special teams- K Olindo Mare
P- Donnie Jones
LS Denney

If this all went down can some of the draft gurus on this site help me fill in some of those late draft picks. I dont know of anyone that late so i just put down the position i would like to see. We need to draft a top OL prospect to get some good talent in that area. Mcneil is massive tackle and he is more suited to be a RT which would ultimately put Vernon Carey back to his normal position earlier this TC as a LT. adding in some well needed veteran leadership on the line would be the acquisition of Kevin Mawae. Yes he is old but he is way way better than Mckinney and very strong and smart. He is the type of player we need on the OL. Drafting Spencer Havner next would be a good pickup for an aging core of LB. Junior is on his way out and Zach is not getting any younger. having Crowder and havner as the OLBs would be great. One thing im wondering is that if we do infact sign Drew Brees, would we take a qb in the draft? i really dont know but Omar Jacobs is a good project with good intangibles that u look for in a QB. it would take him 2-3 years to develop and there would be no pressure on him to learn quicker cuz Brees would be tearin it up on the field. All other draft picks would be to help with depth at those positions. we already seem to have a good set of guys. only a little help at key positions such as QB, OL, and corner could get us over the top. what u guys think?

02-27-2006, 03:55 AM
interesting, but im not sure I agree with the picks

02-27-2006, 04:02 AM
WoW Cut Reggie Howard! That should be the first given!
Draft Winston Justice ahead of Marcus McNeil.
Not Spencer Harvner cause I think we need a DB with that pick whether it be a Saftey or Corner.
Sage is gone ( He will wanna see if he can start somewhere else )
Cut Tebucky Jones and McIntosh.
Restructure Gus Ferrote

Those are some things I would do. Even tho I like Omar Jacobs and kinda think thats a reach for him. I still think he would be nice to have sit on the pine for 3 years and teach.

02-27-2006, 04:06 AM
someone made a good point about Justice and how he has a small reach for a lineman. i remember very well that Saban stated that he liked for his lineman to have a very long reach and big hands. thats y i picked Mcneil hes so huge!

02-27-2006, 04:08 AM
Well I think that Winston Justice is better and I really don't think thats gunna have a HUGE effect on who he drafts. It is a factor however I think that Justice is going to be good. I would really be happy with trading down tho