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02-27-2006, 11:21 AM
The Mor played a lot of games this weekend. Decided that this weekend will me more Mor and less girls. Was fun too.

Let's kick off my reviews with Black for the Xbox by EA. This game is also available on the PS2, but I haven't played that one.

Let me start off by saying a very bold statement. Black is the best looking Xbox game I've ever seen. Yes, it looks better than Riddick. Yes, it look waaaaaaay better than Halo2. And yes, it looks better than both Halflife2 and Farcry. Playing this game in HD is just a thing of beauty. When my friends came over, they honest to god thought I was playing the 360 (good for Xbox, baaad for the 360). Simply beautiful. The explosions carnage and destruction is done so well, it's imp[osible not to like this game... If anything, just for it's stunning good looks.

The gameplay is fast and fun. There's these really cheesy live action cut-scenes between levels that are just bland and boring.... It sucks because you can't skip 'em. It's all part of this boring story line that you really don't give a crap about. Black is fun when you get behind the guns... and it's all about the guns. The shooting and destruction in this game is just fun. Buildings break in to pieces as they take cross fire, and a suprising amount of the levels scenery is destroyable (at least damagable). If you're looking to blow crap up, you'll love Black. If you want a deep interesting story, play Halflife2.

The controls were you typical FPS controls. They pulled a Perfect Dark on me and didn't give a jump button. It didn't bother me nearly as much in Black though.

The sounds are amazing. The gun sounds and explosions just come to life as they shatter through my TV's subwoofer. This game really takes you into the carnage.

All in all Black is awesome run-n-gun action. I love it. There's only a few levels, but they huge. it's at least 6 hours of good fun. Most of 'em are fun enough to want to play again just to find different stuff to blow up. The AI is VERY stupid at times. I've sniped a guy while his buddy just stood there and watched. I've also seen a single enemy take 15 rounds to the chest with an AK-47... I don't care what kinda armour you have, 15 shots with an AK kills you. But my complains are minor. If you want action (serious action only please), go get Black. If you don't want action, go rent it because it's too pretty not to witness first hand.

8.7 of 10
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02-27-2006, 12:36 PM
makes me wish my xbox worked. It crapped out on me a month ago and I haven't picked up a 360 yet.

02-27-2006, 01:05 PM
I've been waiting for Black for awhile now. Can't wait to play it.