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03-17-2006, 11:46 AM
Warning, this is a different draft as I thought I would be a little different then most of those coming out right now. Please forgive me if I get your pick wrong later on in the draft, just tell me good reasons and I will change it.

The following assumptions are made with this Mock draft:
TO signs with Dallas
Abraham is traded to Atlanta for a 2nd round pick and a conditional pick
Lions release Joey whom signs elsewhere as a backup
Keyshawn to Philly

Houston trades the number 1 pick to Tennesse Titans for 1st and 2nd round pick and a 3rd next year
New Orleans trades number 2 pick to Green Bay Packers for their 1st and 2nd round pick and a next year’s 4th round pick
Miami trades pick number 16 to Jacksonville for pick number 28 and a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick

1 Tennesse Titans (from Houston Texans) – Matt Leinart QB USC – He is the top QB in the draft and Tennesse has wanted him but didn’t figure they could get him till the brees signing. House wants to trade back and be able to fix their offensive line and they can now. The Jets threaten to trade upwards but Tennesse jumps them instead. Matt is back with Chow and will do wonders for their offense in a year’s time.

2 Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints) – Reggie Bush RB USC – Seeing Reggie sitting there Green Bay leaps up to snag him. Gabo can be a solid backup and goalline back where Reggie will be their stud please. This move gives them a top running back to go along with Brett. Green is there on a one year ticket but he fumbles too much and gets hurt too often. Reggie is much better of a player

3 Houston Texans (from Tennesse Titans) – Dbrickshaw Ferguson LT Virgina - A drop back gives them more picks for later on and more importantly lets them address a need. That need being a left tackle. Here they sign that left tackle in picking up D’Brickshaw.

4 New York Jets – Jay Cutler QB Vandy – They get a solid quarterback for the future with a big time arm. He will sit for a year behind Chad but then should be able to take over the reins with a winner mentality that fits the jets.

5 New Orleans Saints (from Green Bay Packers) – AJ Hawks LB Ohio State – Traded back from the number 2 spot and get the player that they wanted all along. They pick up a top notch linebacker to make an impact and replace hodge.

6 San Francisco 49ers – Vernon Davis TE Maryland – Top notch playmaking offensive player in the draft. This kid is amazing and gives Smith a big time target to look for next year.

7 Oakland Raiders – Mario Williams DE NCS – They could go Young here but I cant see them ever passing up Mario Williams. This guy is such a beast any other year he is a top pick in the draft. He should be great out there for an impact player
8 Buffalo Bills – Haloti Ngata NT Oregon – top notch run stuffer that can fill in. I could see brodrick bunkley being the pick easily as well.

9 Detriot Lions – Michael Huff DB Texas – What can you say about Michael Huff that hasn’t already been said on here a hundred times? He loves IHOP. He wants to spend his first check to purchase one actually. We Detriot meet your new pancake boy

10 Arizona Cardinals – Vince Young QB Texas – This is as far as I could possibly see Young falling. Here he is plucked up for sure by Arizona whom can have Warner mentor him for 2 years then let him take on over. He will be a few years for a project but his upside is so high he is worth the risk.

11 St. Louis Rams – Tye Hill CB Clemson – 4.3 time is the key here. Upon that turf of the dome it shall seem even faster. He will bring an impact to the defense, reminding me much of Hall for the Falcons. Because speed kills and make up speed to play the ball kills even more to opposing QBs

12 Cleveland Browns – Brodrick Bunkley DT/DE (3-4) FSU – They fill a need for a run stuffer and pass rusher. He is a player that can make a major impact upon a game and change the face of a game. I think he will be solid within the 3-4 system as a DE for Cleveland and if he puts on weight could be that NT.

13 Baltimore Ravens – Winston Justice OT USC – They picked up some depth in other parts of their team. A big time lineman will be helpful for the long term and see that Lewis gets proper holes opened for the line.

14 Philadelphia Eagles – Eric Winston OT UM – He had a great pro day and a great combine. I see his stock rising to around here. They need some more help to protect Donnovan McNabb.

15 Atlanta Falcons – Jimmy Williams DB VT – His stock has dropped off some because of attitude problems and other reasons but I cant see Atlanta passing him up. With Hill off of the board he is the next best thing to an elite cover corner within the draft

16 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Miami Dolphins) – DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis – Big time running back that will end up being a steal this late in the draft. They jump some teams to pick up a back that can be brought in for a two back system with Fred Taylor and take over for him eventually.

17 Minnesota Vikings – Ernie Sims LB FSU – Linebacker with lots of talent and ability that can step in and play for them right away

18 Dallas Cowboys – Marcus McNeil OT Auburn – A big mammoth of a man that can come in and be a Right tackle for the team this year. Their tackles were 1 and 2 that gave up the most sacks. They pick up TO in the offseason and address another big time need here at Right Tackle.

19 San Diego Chargers – Johnathan Scott OT Texas – Another big time tackle is dragged off the board swiftly. The chargers need more depth upon the offensive line and this will be a help right away for them.

20 Kansas City Chiefs – Tamba Hali DE PSU – Big time defensive end that can make some major plays, he can help solidify the herm Edwards defense. The more pressure upon the Quarterback the better for secondary to help out the defense.

21 New England Patriots – Lendale White RB USC – I hate how this one fell personally but he is sitting there for the Pats. Lendale is a big time bruising running back. He will be able to assist Dillon and next year take over for him entirely.

22 Denver Broncos – Chad Jackson WR UF – A big time WR with the size and speed to make an impact. They have a speed burner in Ashley but he can come in and assist for a procession WR.

23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Thomas Howard LB UTEP – A very fast strong linebacker that can easily hold up within their cover 2 system.

24 Cincinnati Beganls – Chad Greenway LB Iowa – Another big time linebacker that has fallen because of his strength issues. But he is upon the other side a big time playmaker when he has been upon the field. Could be the steal of the draft for Marvin

25 New York Giants – Bobby Carpenter OLB OSU – Missing out on Arrington and most of the big time linebackers. Big time linebacker for them to pick up.

26 Chicago Bears – Leonard Pope TE Georgia – Linebacker that fits them well with good solid hands and even more important a great blocker. He will make an impact for them easily.

27 Caronlina Panthers – Santonio Holmes WR OSU – Speed, speed and more speed. Him matched up across from Steve Smith will make it impossible to double team one of them. It will make them a very deadly team

28 Miami Dolphins (From Jacksonville Jaguars) – Ko Simpson S SC - They trade back and land a solid player which is a need. He has very little experience but he is big fast and tons of raw potential. A SEC player that Saban knows and will put to good use.

29 Denver Broncos – Mathias Kiwanuka DE BC – A raw talent for a pass rusher but he has the abilities to be something special. He dropped down but he was a top 10 pick before then.

30 Indianapolis Colts – Laurence Maroney RB Minn – Not as good as the other two Running backs taken earlier, but he is a solid running back with good potential. He could fill in the shoes of Edge for the future.

31 Seattle Seahawks – Max Jean-Giles OG Georgia – They lost their big time guard but they pick up another huge monster. He comes in and works to fill the shoes of Hutchinson

32 Pittsburgh Steelers – Donte Whitner S OSU – A great player that can come in and take over for Chris Hope whom just signed elsewhere. Fills a need for them so they can keep at their winning ways.

03-17-2006, 11:57 AM
How sweet would that be!

Vertical Limit
03-17-2006, 12:31 PM
Nice. I also can see Vince Young in Arizona.

03-17-2006, 12:34 PM
i dont see tennessee trading up and giving up all that just to counter the possibility of the jets trading spots with the Saints... or GB moving up with all their needs...

i dont know its just always hard to predict trades in mocks, thats why most places/people dont even bother trying...

03-17-2006, 12:41 PM
Trades are bad. What are the odds 4 out of the top 5 teams TRADE positions? :lol: Me no thinkey so.

03-17-2006, 01:49 PM
Not bad for Miami, If something like that were to happen, I'd be all for it.

Mexican Buc
03-17-2006, 02:48 PM
Bucs passing on Santonio Holmes and Ernie Sims!?

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

03-17-2006, 03:08 PM
sims is already picked before them and yes on holmes for one of the top tackles in the draft :)

it was just a mess around mock most of my more serious ones dont involve trades or maybe one or two of them when I post them up on different mock websites. I just thought I would toss it up for everyone to enjoy

03-17-2006, 05:49 PM
I like the mock, doubt that many trades happen in the first. But I would love that for us!