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12-17-2001, 03:43 AM
Jay is a ball controll qb cut in the same mold as Trent Dilfer. If you have running game and a strong defense he is the type of qb that should be at the helm of your team. He is some one that will make smart desicions, occasionly break off a 10 yar run if needed, someone that can play action pass, and dink and dunk you to death. What he is not is a gun slinger, he can not put this team on his back, and carry them to victory. Witch is ok if you stick w/your game plan of running, and playing good d. The problem here is 3 fold.
1) Jay and Dave some times get over zealous, and forget who they are, and try to pretend #13 is still back there.

2) You can't run if you can't block! No one could prepare for the injuries this o-line has taken.

3) Our defense forgets that they make 2/3 of the salary of this team, and some times try to mail in their effort. To many times this season the d has just quit after costly turnovers. Last season they would strive when the preasure was put on them, this year they tend to fold like a cheap suit(Denver game not included).

12-17-2001, 10:39 AM
excellent analysis - definitely the truth.

you cannot let another team control the game with their running game
you have to be able to either pass or run block or both, but neither is a recipe for disaster for any QB or RB
you have to tie or win the TO battle