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03-20-2006, 05:07 AM
What has been dubbed a "return to the roots that made it so great" by EGM and the "most polished and appealing Driver yet." by Gamespot is somewhat of a disappointment. I've been a fan of the series and there are already some glaring down grades that I can't quite get over.

1.) It seems the graphics have taken a hit. There was something to the environment in the Miami level in DRIV3R. Having been to Miami myself they did Southbeach FAR BETTER than Vice City did....far better. Parallel Lines feels like a return to a more arcade-ish atmosphere. Possibly an attempt to assimilate to GTA's less realistic feel. Who knows.

2.) While I believe Tanner was far from cool, this new character is unbelievably dorky looking and moving. He's a latin dude that wears bell-bottoms and a leather jacket with huge '70's style cop shades....I think they were going for Suave. Well they missed. Keep in mind I'm describing the beginning of the game set in the 1970's, before you go to prison and are released modern day. The worst part of this character is without a doubt the MULLET. Atari seems to have actually spent time (for whatever moronic reason) to add actual physics to the freakin' mullet. Everywhere you run it'll sway around left and right, back and forth....succeeding in making the character actually look dumber than Tanner ever did.

3.) They have managed to hack the astonishing damage physics into something unrecognizeable. I loved the fact that I could do 90 MPH, slam into an oncoming car and watch sh!t fly EVERYWHERE. Well unfortunately some of that has been lost. Aside from damage physics, the car physics themeselves have been drastically altered. In DRIV3R you could hit a ramp at high speeds then watch your car tumble and tumble and flip and tumble as it disintegrated. Now you it'll to little more than bounce....boring.

4.) The environments such as buildings have no depth whatsoever. This creates a feeling identical to what I remember thinking while playing the first Driver. You constantly drive past shells of establishments with the 'paint' of a door or whatever. You'd think at least a few building would be indented. Whatever I 'spose. Keep in mind i'm playing the PS2 version so XBOX could fare better, which it typically does graphically speaking. I sure hope XBOX remedies the visible transition of the region your playing in as well. You'll see the seams of the areas as you cruise around. While not critical or hindering you'd like to think they could take care of that little annoyance. :dunno:

5.) They ditched the 'burnout' button in it's tradition form. If you've played each of the "Driver"s up until now, you'll know what i'm talking about. Now instead of pushing "X" to simply accelerate or "O" to burnout, it's all integrated into just one button. Burning out is included in "X" so now you have to go through the wasted motion of spinning in place while being knocked around by cops and trying to beat the clock (when necessary). Not. Cool.

6.) I realize that the sirens on police cruisers in the 1970's weren't exactly symphony orchestra calibur but I would best describe Parallel Line's reproduction as attaching the sound of a dentist's drill to a vehicle and allowing it to follow you...yes, it's that bad.

The two positives I could see immediately were that 1.) pedestrians have been given some degree of mortality lol. It seemed you couldn't run one over for anything in DRIV3R...now they bounce off of your hood (rather rigidly, but still) as you plow through them. AND 2.) In DRIV3R if you were attempting to skimp along the sidewalk and didn't quite make the transition back to the street without catching a pole you were stopped dead in your tracks. Street lamps or poles in part 3 were treated as barges. :lol: I'm happy to report they'll now crush under the weight of your vehicle (dumpsters will now as well).

I'm afraid I don't think too much of the PS2 version so far and i'm really hoping the XBOX version raises the stakes because this is a title I was anticipating a bit.

To be fair I can still enjoy this title on some level so i'll personally rank it 6.5 out of 10 for now.

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03-20-2006, 05:16 PM
Theres a demo version on the OPM disc this month. I wasn't impressed either.