View Full Version : Oblivion First Impressions -- An early review

03-25-2006, 12:57 PM
It's Saturday, and The Mor is at work....

Guess we'll do a mini-review of Oblivion.

First impression -- OMFG. When you turn this game on, it screams "WOW".... Georgeos opening screen. No bullcrap "Force you to watch an opening trailer crap" (I'm looking at you splinter cell!). The game loads the beginning very quickly.

Character developement is very in-depth. IT's so fun, it could be it's own web game. The opening scene sucks you in. You start in a prison... The prisoner in the cell across from you begins to taunt you by saying he'll rape your wife when he gets out of prison... Then all hell breaks loose.

Graphics -- Freaking great. I'd still say Fight Night on the 360 is better looking, but Oblivion is processing SO MUCH MORE that you have to let the small graphical glitches slide.

When in the open world, it never goes to a loading screen (unless you zone into a town or dungeon)... For this reason, the world loads on the fly while you travel. When loading you see some frame skipping and jittering. It is NOT as annoying as it sounds, but you'll notice it. Again, a small price to pay for most immersive RPG experience thus far in games.

The Hi-res textures are beautiful and the lighting is just georgeous... There's times in the game when I just say to myself, "Now the developers are just showing off." A+ graphics here people.

Sound -- For those people (like me) that thought Morrowind's music got old quick, rejoice, it's been fixed. New tracks and the classic Elderscrolls theme has been remixed. I love it. The sounds of steps on different surfaces and clanging swords sound great... Sounds even differ based on size and density of your weapon. Cool.

Controls -- Oblivion uses your standard FPS control scheme (First Person Slasher... HA!). No problems with controls, it fits the 360 controller well (anyone else thing the START button is WAY too close to Y?

Gameplay -- The missions are interesting and fun. The story is well thoughtout and interesting. There is an ENDLESS amount of things to do in this game... Think GTA meets Dungeons and Dragons. This game was designed perfectly to occupy your life. It's litterally a MSRPG (Massive Single Player Role Playing Game). Every NPC has lives and goals to accomplish... The guy you looking for in that quest, he doesn't just stand in the same spot in his house his entire life anymore. They get food, go to sleep, get pissed off, and it's amazing to see in motion.

Overall -- If you like RPGs, get this game. If you have a 360 (or PC that can handle it), get this game. If you don't like RPGs, get this game. The truth is, this is a must buy game. I will give it a rating once I finish it.