View Full Version : WFL Invite--Madden Sim League

03-29-2006, 09:42 PM
Anybody looking to play in a Madden Sim League?..... go here...WFL (http://s12.invisionfree.com/WFLeague/index.php?act=idx)

My team is the Convicts... we're doing preseason games this week and then starting the season next week. Basically, you create your guy and give him some points up front... then each week you create a graphic and/or an article about the league and get points to add to your player. You also get jobs which you can gain attribute points through. Its alot of fun, check it out. We're looking for a good TE or CB to sign to our team... so look at creating one of those posistions. :D

PS... just tell em Rubz sent ya...