View Full Version : EA Sports Arena Football

Metal Panda
04-01-2006, 12:52 PM
Thoughts? I'm a bit mixed at times.

The game play can be a lot of fun, even though there are only a limited # of plays you can choose, which are the same for every team. However, on the ALL-AFL level, which I play on, it is ridiculously difficult to complete passes, and all of the corners seem to be in lockstep with your receivers, which is sooooooo NOT the AFL.

I like playing the game a lot, although there is no commentary (which is fine) but silly music plays throughout the game (which I turned off) and the PA guy is the same lame *** from the other EA titles. The crowd seems to be ambivalent to what goes on at all times.

The franchise mode is complete crap. It is way too easy to sign key players and turn into a perennial powerhouse.

Overall I think the gameplay is fun but it seems a bit rushed and I wish they'd taken more time on it.