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04-03-2006, 10:12 PM

I am trying to develop a list of all members that would like to get together with fellow members in their area. I have been looking at profiles and such and I am finding that many did not enter their location...

This list would only divulge your username and city, state or country. I am only asking for just that much info... This list would be posted in the TAILGATE forum for everyone to see. This will allow others in your area to send you a PM or information of a gathering in your area with fellow posters... This list can and will include posters on this site as a whole that would like to meet up... This includes JESTS, PATSIES, JILLS, etc... Talk about some fun!!!!

Please PM me with your city and state if you wish to be included on the list. This will also assist in other plans that are in motion to get members to games in their area as well...

As I said, I will post it in the TAILGATE forum and will update it at least weekly... DON"T HOLD BACK!!! DO IT NOW!!!:D

}EDIT{ Or reply to the post...