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04-05-2006, 11:41 AM
For the past couple of weeks I thought that the Dolphins should draft a receiver, but now I don't know what the Dolphins should do. I think the Broncos will end up getting Chad Jackson and I don't know much about Holmes. So then I turned my attention to LBs that could be there at 16 and began to like Ernie Sims and Chad Greenway. But both of these Linebackers had other Linebackers next to them that both performed well. Abdul Hodge and AJ Nicholson. Hodge is a 2nd round choice so he won't be available for us. But AJ Nicholson should still be there at round 3. Nicholson had 100 tackles last year and is bigger than Sims, however, not as fast Sims.

I also believe there is a sleeper LB that will be there in the 4th round. Brandon Johnson from Louisville, a big and fast LB that would fit well in our system. Johnson is 6-4 7/8 and ran a 4.44 40.

I just believe that Saban knows what he is doing and I believe that we can get good defensive players in the 3rd or 4th round, because of the fact Crowder and Daniels played so well last year.

So I don't really know what Saban will do at 16 this year, since we signed Cooper, but I know he will make the right decision.

PSU Cane
04-05-2006, 05:04 PM
I'm not all that impressed with him. I care about stats like bench and 40 times, but they are not my first priority when evaluating a player. Johnson might have a good 40 time, but he was not all that impressive in games. Louisville's defense hasn't been good in years and no one from them on D has impressed me in years (not even Dumervil). Last year, Johnson wasn't even the best LB on his team. Nate Harris was. Harris only had 6 less tackles, but had more sacks, more tackles for loss, and more forced fumbles.

Laugh if you want, but a guy that i like later at OLB is Nick Reid from Kansas. He was everywhere for them and can play both inside and outside.